Glass Floor One of Best Ideas

Glass floor is one of decorating idea that is interesting, unique and enough to be implemented. Because of some parts of the design room consisting of a wall, roof, and floor are some parts that is affecting the decor of the room. Apply unique materials on one of the parts is a very interesting idea.

Glass Floor for Bathroom

Of the many kinds of choices of materials which showing the impression is quite interesting, unique, and luxurious is glass. Its transparent enough to make this material has its own charm to be made as part of a home. Maybe we’ve always seen the glass that is designed as a window or door. But the development of glass continues to be done, to this point we can also apply this floor’s materials.

Glass Floor for The Stairs

Wood and Glass Floor Combination

Variations of Decoration Glass Floor

The Way to Apply Glass Floor

Glass is also one material that has some kind of variation that is designed to provide multiple options for consumers to choose. Of the many options include the type of glass is translucent or opaque glass types. Even more so than the other variations glass floor in the offer is the size.

We can order the size of the glass floor that we want as we need, ranging from small tiles to plain glass that covers all parts of the room. Talking about decorating we do not have to implement this type of flooring in all parts of the house, we can also apply in some space or in the middle of the room to increase the attractiveness of the space. But apply it thoroughly in a room or the whole house can also add its own unique impression in our homes.

Glass Floor as Floor Accessories

Best Lighting for Glass Floor

Consideration of Glass Floor

Unique Rounded Glass Floor

To be able to get the right room decor and beautiful of course, we also have to consider a few things like the placement. Types of glass floor that we choose will be better applied in the 2nd floor or upstairs. Considering the transparent nature can attract more attention and optimal in beautifying the space.

If we want to add to the impression that looks like a greenhouse, in fact we can also apply this flooring on the first floor but of course by considering a pool in the basement as the scenery can be enjoyed from the top floor of the glass.

Other than that applying this type of flooring on stairs or other parts of the house and the size of the thickness of the floor we should also consider carefully.

Plan Glass Floor  Wall and Glass Floor

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