Selecting the Right Floor Tile For Your Home

Floor Tiles for bathroom

Floor tile is key to a solid design foundation in a space.  Tile is very durable and you can get any look you like.  Luckily, there are many different types of tile you can chose from depending on your needs, preferences and budget.

Porcelain Tile: Tough as Nails

Porcelain tilesPorcelain is one of the most common floor tiles.  It is strong, won’t stain, is water resistant and can come in any style or color.  Selecting the right grout will also make any stains that happen unnoticeable.  Porcelain is very strong, so it is perfect for high traffic areas.

Vinyl Tile: The Closest Thing to Real Tile

Vinyl tilesMost tiles require an underlay, but with the synthetic properties of a vinyl tile it is typically flexible enough to not need it.  This also makes it perfect for areas of flooring that move or are uneven.  Vinyl is easily installed over any existing material and because it is not “real” stone, it is very affordable.

Ceramic Tile: What the Ancient Romans Used

Ceramic tile samplesCeramic tiles hold the title of the most durable because there are still ceramic tiles that are fully intact in Ancient Roman ruins.  Ceramic tiles are made from organic materials yet do not allow bacteria to grow.  This makes ceramic tile ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It is sold in different thicknesses and you can install it yourself.

Marble Tile: Easy on Eyes, Hard on the Wallet

modern Floor Tiles conceptMarble is very high maintenance, requires regular sealing and can stain very easily.  That being said, it is one of the most beautiful and unique and expensive flooring materials you can purchase.   Marble is very difficult to match other tiles of the same material, so if you need uniformity, this is not the material for you.  You would also not be able to install marble yourself.

Mosaic Tile: Just a Lot of Fun

Mosaic tilesIn a smaller room, like a bathroom, smaller is better for the floor.  Mosaic tiles are fun because they can come in many different materials, like natural stone, metallic, and glass or any combination of those materials.  Because of this, the square foot price is a little more than you might expect.  They come in classic designs like subway tile or can be more eclectic and random.  There are even mosaics that look like river stones.  Mosaics can be paired with most floor tiles to create an even more stunning focal point.

All floor tiles can come in many shapes and sizes, colors and textures.  Giving you the ability to customize the design foundation of your home.

Antique Metallic floor Tiles

Floor Tiles with classic style

Floor Tiles for bathroom

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Floor Tiles for bathroom

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