Curtains Ideas for an Outstanding House Decoration

soft color Curtain with full motif

Curtains are piece of cloth intended to block the sun light get strongly into house. Curtains have been functioned not only for window’s cover, it also can be used on shower’s cover, or a room’s bulkhead. In generally, this is one of beautiful thing decor a house. Even curtains can decide a house color theme in which sometimes followed by another furniture.

stylish Curtain ideas

Setting a curtain should be done right. There are many possible way to set it so that looks tidy and comfortable to see. A lace style is divide into two that is Rod Pocket which has large lace and Pencil Pleat with its small lace. Tab Top allows the curtains have big fabric that hung to the rod.

minimalist Curtain concept

While Concealed Tab Top curtains have an adhere style which doesn’t show the rod. Double or Triple Box Pleat here are suitable for formal case with some rings to hang it. A Pinch Pleat is a way in sewn the top fabric and it also use windows hasp. Pinch Pleat has three kinds, as follows single, double and triple. And the last is Eyelet curtains style which it has a hole on each the head intended to hang to the rod. This last style is very popular in pubic nowadays.

modern design of Curtain

Actually beside its function as blocking sun light, a curtains has more private characteristic. A curtain can be used as privacy cover. Whether in your home, in which help to protect and cover the house furniture, or another case when someone privacy. Even the only fabric can be curtains directly when it spread out with the aim to cover something.

luxury plain Curtain concept

In different place, so it also has different type. Basically it is set on the room with many various designs. Start with plain color, motive, combination color, until the material used. A curtain is possible in thick or thin fabric. Thick fabric has strong and formal characteristic, while thin fabric more tend to its beautiful and smooth side. Beside, curtains of living room, dining room, kids and adult’s room even a kitchen is totally different. It’s all depending on the house owner’s thought how to set a right curtains.

Curtain concept for modern room ideas

soft color Curtain with full motif

golden brown Curtain color theme