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Sometimes we need a fresh idea to decorate our beloved home. Frequently, most people are looking for a unique design, to make their house different than other. Compact house is certainly no stranger for us, that’s one of unique design idea which became a popular topic until now.

For creating a perfect compact house, you need to hire some expert designer (architecture). You need an exact calculating in each part and corner, also you need to hire expert worker to build it. That’s because a bit mistake they done, it would cause a big problem.

Some of compact houses are designed with unsymmetrical building, also in each details need a unique touch. Actually, the compact home type is suitable for those who has small to medium land’s size.

Compact House interior

Tips and Fact about Compact House

Fact about compact house, this concept is derived from Japan. Japan is a small country with a dense population, so this type of home is suitable for dense area. The original shape of compact home is simple cubic building, with two or more floors. In this modern era, people make the design of it more beautiful and unique.

Here several tips about compact house idea:

Sometimes people feel confused about the window placement, some people prefer to make a cubic compact house even without window (for privacy reason). About this case, you need to look around your house area.

Compact House lighting ideas

If you are living in densely populated area with small or limited land, it would be better to build a cubic compact house with small window or completely without it. But there you need to take care about the ventilation of your cubic style house. In my opinion, it would be better to place windows with small to medium area, that’s good to keep the air exchange and sun light.

For those who have elongated home area with high safety (not located in densely populate), than you may make a small garden in front of home. You may build it with unique or special design (far from cubic style). At the second floor you may block the front wall area with window, so you can enjoy the beauty around your home. Give extra lighting and pair it with minimalist interior.

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