Ceramic Tiles That Suitable for Your Home Concept

Choosing a ceramic tile for our house, either it is a new house or when we plan to renovate it, will consume times. The reason is we have to decide the size, type of ceramic or even the style that will be suitable for each area in our house such as living room, bedroom, bathroom or for the whole house in general.

Till date, ceramic tiles are still everyone’s favorite for their house flooring. They prefer to choose ceramic tiles since it has many types and its attractive color varieties. The style will exist from time to time. However, when selecting them we must consider for the following:

Ceramic Tiles with soft colors

Ceramic Tiles Size

We must select the correct size of ceramic tile to match with room size in our home. If we need our home to look wider and bigger, then select it with bigger size. This size will be suitable for small room.

Ceramic Tiles Color

Selecting the color of ceramic tile will create a beauty for the room itself. If the room little bit dark and congested, then choose the style with bright color to make the room looks brighter and even wide. While for bigger area, we will have more options in selecting the color. Select the color that match with wall or wallpaper color. In case you need to have a warmest atmosphere in our room, then you can select smaller size with dark color.

Ceramic Tiles with varied shape

Selecting the Ceramic Tiles surface

It depends on where we are going to use the ceramic tiles; it has many type of enamels such as glossy, satin, matte or texture. Those enamels will differentiate the concept whether it is slippy or not the surface. So, it can be different room will have different type of enamel, inside or outside the house.

When choosing ceramic tiles for exterior, try to find one that is really durable for all weather. While for bathroom, garage or kitchen, textured style of tile is more recommended for avoiding unnecessary incident. Moreover, for living room and other rooms, use ceramic tile that has abrasion and stain proof capability. Check the enamel’s quality, the best option using a glossy or semi glossy enamel.

brown Ceramic Tiles color

Ceramic Tiles Size and Tonality

When selecting ceramic tiles, we must select the same size and tonality between one rooms to other room. The harmony of its size and tonality will give an artistic effect for your home. Tonality is about the color thickness differentiation of the ceramic. To know the ceramic tonality code, we can find it on the package.

modern Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles for modern house

natural Ceramic Tiles style

Ceramic Tiles for wall

Ceramic Tiles for bathroom floor

simple Ceramic Tiles model

Ceramic Tiles texture

Ceramic Tiles colors variation

Ceramic tiles surface

Ceramic tile samples
Ceramic Tile Display Samples Store
Ceramic tile
Samples of a ceramic tile in shop

Ceramic tiles

Stylish ceramic tiles design


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