Bluetooth Shower Best Design Technology

Increasing number of people who listening music while they do bath makes Kohler launched a shower head that in the middle there is a Bluetooth speaker which is known as Bluetooth shower. With existing Bluetooth connection, you can now shower while listening to music via streaming from your mobile phone or other gadget that has a Bluetooth connection.

Minimalist Bluetooth Shower

Interestingly on Bluetooth Shower is the speakers can be removed and can be used as a regular portable speaker that can be used for other places (not just a shower). These capsule-shaped speakers with a magnet on the inside so that when it will be fitted to the shower, just inserted into the center of the speaker would be directly attached.

Bluetooth Shower with music

How To Use Bluetooth ShowerIt is inevitable that the existence of today’s technology makes our lives easier. Constructing technology everything seems so real, the technology makes distance closer, and the shorter the time taken. Entertainment is now no longer need to the outdoors. Just sit and turn on the television, internet, phone, or Smartphone.

When compared with earlier times where people are not able to communicate over long distances, traveling abroad in a day, and doing business with people who are far away from us, the present circumstances would have been more than we expected. Why? Once again due to the presence of technology, so welcome to the world of technology!

A variety of technology products from overseas flooding the country, ranging from automobile, motorcycle, electronics, and mobile phones to the recently the Smartphone. Sales of Smartphone in Indonesia received quite festive.

Whenever flagship Smartphone products from one of famous vendor, thousands of gadget enthusiast deep pockets willing to queue up for hours to be the first gadget users in Indonesia. They even always carry gadgets wherever they go, and never let go even when in the shower.

Bluetooth Shower Metal Material

It might sound strange, but many people claim to bring their gadgets to the bathroom. The objective is to play the mp3 player feature so that they can listen to music while taking a bath. Seeing this opportunity, one of the manufacturers of furniture and home appliances from the United States to answer these opportunities by issuing a product for bathroom furniture that may have never crossed your mind before. Is it? In accordance with the theme of this, we will discuss a furniture and home appliances combined with technological sophistication.

Bluetooth Shower One New Idea

Is not something special when brand well-known furniture and home appliances from the United States, launched a furniture-the furniture was fantastic with the advanced blend of minimalist design and modern in its products. But this time, the product was launched quite different. A shower is actually a tool for bathroom, has now been completed tool that makes it can be used to play music from mp3 player! This is because the speaker Moxie technology, which is a device that is equipped with Bluetooth and integrated with mp3.

Simple Bluetooth Shower

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