11 Best Candle Holders for Any Occasion and Space

Candles add a soft, relaxing ambiance to any room.  Candle light is very calming, romantic and can add unique charm for any occasion.  Candle holders were designed to keep wax off of the furniture the candles are sitting on and also to keep candles stable so they don’t fall over and cause a fire.  But they can also add even more character and can make candles the perfect addition to any space.

Candle Holders Make a Perfect Centerpiece

candle holders with baby head styleWhether it’s a simple, everyday dinner, a special occasion, or just a coffee table, candles can be a great addition to any centerpiece.  Centerpieces can be as elaborate as an expensive, jewel embellished candelabra with a fresh pine garland surround.  Or they can be as simple as a DIY mason jar or inexpensive stick candle holder.  No matter which type you choose you will be rewarded with something extra special on your table.

Glass Candle Holders Are Simple and Elegant

minimalist candle holders with glass materialUsually, the candles and the soft flicker of light that they emit are the stars of the room.  But that shifts when you use a glass candle holder.  Even a simple glass used as a candle holder ads some sparkle.  But there are many candle holders that you can buy (or make) that are so much more.   Glass candle holders can come in many different shapes, size and colors, to fit any decor.  The light behind the glass makes the whole holder a stunning focal point.  Finally, glass candle holders are sometimes designed to refract the light of the flame adding sparkle and romance to any room.

Metal Candle Holders…Maybe Not What You Think

metal candle holders ideaWhen you hear“metal” and “candle holder” you might think rustic lantern.  And you would be right!   Lanterns of any size are very much “in” right now.  But there are so many other designs for metal candle holders!  You would never not be able to find one for your style.  Rustic lanterns can add a lot of character to a room.  But it would not fit in a modern design.  However, there are candle holders with clean edges and sharp angles that add just as much to a room.  And since metal is sturdy, they can be made taller for even more of a statement.

Pillar Candle Holders, Just as Strong as They Are Stunning

simple and colorful candle holders

Pillar Candle Holders are so much more than the name implies.  They can be made of wood, glass, metal or even animal antlers.  Or any combination!  They can be, as the name suggests, tall and circular with the candle set inside the glass pillar.  It can be a long center piece on a table with 3 or more candles.  Pillar candle holders can be sconces for an accent piece on a wall or stick candle holders on a table .  The key characteristic of pillar candle holders is that they are meant to hold thicker, taller candles.

Candle Holders for Weddings

Candle holders for weddings

Wedding Candle Holders – Check It Now

The use of candles and candle holders for a wedding is limited only by your imagination.  Candles are the perfect accent to a wedding.  Wedding candle holders for your guests can be as strong a presence as you wish.  You can personalize them, DIY for the perfect match to your theme, or keep it very simple.  You don’t even have to put candles in them.  Colored rocks, leaves, confetti or flowers can be displayed nicely in a candle holder.
There is really no wrong way to use a candle holder and no environment that can’t benefit from candles and candle holders.

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