10 Best China Cabinets Ever

Wooden Dining Room Cabinets
Wooden Dining Room Cabinets

China is not only famous for their fashion clothing product, but also famous for their traditional furniture. They are maintaining the originality of their furniture concept. One of worldwide and famous furniture is China cabinets. China cabinet is one of furniture which has double functions, as a complement or decoration purpose (for display) and a very useful storage. Almost of them placed in living or dining room.

Elegant China Cabinet Performance

China cabinet famous for its engraving work and the best constituent material, teak wood is the major constituent materials of it. Originally they comes with dark or reddish brown (the real wood color), but now along with the decorating development and the market demand, you may found china cabinet in varied colors, such as grayish, black, white or even blue and red. So it will be easier to customize with the theme of your room.

Oldest China Cabinets

Wooden Dining Room China Cabinet Although china cabinet has a few modifications, the concept of this furniture had not been changed. At the top has always been as the display space that designed with glass material, so that makes it visible and almost designed with inside lights (at the top or roof part of this furniture), making it more attractive and luxury. While the underside resembles a cupboard with doors or even a couple of drawers.

This furniture comes from China, but nowadays various companies around the world also produce it with a variety of modifications, but still with the “china cabinet” label and name.

One company that is famous for china cabinet or dining storage (as they mention on their page) is IKEA, they even designed the china cabinet with minimalist style (which I think that’s not in accordance with the original concept of this furniture, but very suitable for you who love the minimalist style but want to have a china cabinet). The price start from US $400.

Traditional China Cabinet Style

Wooden China Cabinet

Few tips you need to consider before buying china cabinet. Certainly you have to consider the suitability between the china cabinet and the room theme (color, concept, size, etc). After that, you have to consider about the quality material, make sure that the china cabinets which you select is designed with the best materials (original wood, not derived from wood particles or plywood, that’s will seem appropriate).

Wooden China Cabinets

Italian Classical Cabinets Style
White Classical Cabinets Style

Glasses China Cabinet Design

Modern Black Cabinets
Modern China Cabinets with Black Color Theme
Ethnic Cabinets
Ethnic China Cabinets with Wooden Material