Top 12 Amazing and Philosophic Zen Garden Ideas

Zen is a word of Sanskrit language, which means a reflective and musing state. Referring to the literary meaning, a Zen garden makes you calm and cool. You can design a Zen garden in your house by adding a few beautiful items, such as sand, pebbles, pond, lilies, lanterns, fountain, lighting, etc. Here, we will share the top rated amazing and philosophic Zen garden ideas with you.


  1. If you have a small area for a Zen garden, add a bamboo water look, a few bowls made up of stone and that’s all. It will become a central point for the family and guests.zen-garden-relaxation
  2. If you have enough space for a Japanese garden, create a charming oasis and feel like on a mini rock landscape.
  3. If you have not done a colorful planting and only greenery is there in your garden, consider changing the shape and pattern of small and big trees. It will become an attractive Zen
  4. Small rocks and pebbles in the courtyard and water pots made up of stones is elegant, yet requiring less maintenance.
  5. The addition of a tall vase in a little Zen garden is eye-catching.
  6. A small marquee in the garden acts as a great shelter and recreational point. You can sit there and enjoy coffee, ice cream, etc.zen-garden-with-small-marquee
  7. Minimal art is the major part of a Zen garden. Even if you place a single rock in the garden and make ripples on the sand around, it will appeal the visitors.
  8. In Asian countries, most people love to plant cloud shaped conifers in their garden. A superb idea is to grow mossy grass and plant a conifer on this base. Also, place multiple rocks around it. It will give you a feeling of mountainous landscape.beautiful-zen-garden-concept
  9. For children, create a sand-pit and design an inspiring Zen garden for them. When they stop playing, you can scrape the sand.
  10. Blinking bunch lights are very much appealing in the dark. This is an awesome idea to enhance the beauty of your garden.zen-garden-with-bunch-light
  11. You can place a bamboo wallpaper as a background. Moreover, a waterfall will give a pleasant feeling in your Zen garden.
  12. Colorful flowers and Blooming trees, such as Sakura are a source of coolness to your eyes and spread fragrance around. This Zen garden idea is mostly followed in Japan.zen-garden-with-colorful-flower