What should be the Dimensions and Cost of a Small Lap Pool?

A pool is not necessarily designed for swimming. Some people use it for relaxation and enjoyment, while some play and splash inside. A small lap pool is ideal for those, who objectively design it for the swimming. If you pre-plan the dimensions of your lap pool with the designer, you will have more fun. Normally, the length of a lap pool in the US is twenty-five yards, equivalent to seventy-five feet. It is longer as compared to the backyard pools.

Mostly, at least 14m length is considered proper for lapping in. More length is, of course, preferable for everyone, but those with a limited space can take it as a standard size. Now, what should be the standard width of a lap pool? Minimum eight feet is recommended, while four feet extra width is better, if two people intend to swim and lap, at the same time.contemporary-lap-pool-ideas

Regarding the depth of your lap pool, take care that your fingers do not scuffle on the bottom. So, roughly, it should be three and half feet deep. These dimensions are just a minimum estimate. The final figures are up to your discretion.

Some people like rectangle shaped lap pools, whereas some want an L-shaped pool. The shape of the pool beautifies your surroundings. So, plan according to all the important factors in your mind.lap-pool-for-kids

Normally, the cost of an average lap pool is not easy to determine. It mainly depends upon the contractor, construction material and the region. Its cost can be as much as the backyard pools have. The addition of custom design increases the cost, such as fiberglass, over the ground lap pool, elongated shape, etc. Bigger the area, more the material and hence, higher the price.lap-pool-in-open-area

Before you get a rough estimate of the cost from a pool designer, confirm the same dimensions from several other experts. A professional and skilled contractor can guide you truly. Still, if the cost of a lap pool is out of your budget or the area does not meet the minimum dimensions, do not bother. There are many alternative ideas to a swimming pool.

You can build a swim spa in your home, i.e. a big tub with water jets. The constant flow of the current enables you to swim or perform other alike activities. They occupy lesser space and expense, comparatively. Another idea is to fix a tether system in your house. It keeps you in place while swimming.