Apartment Living Room Ideas

The first impression of an apartment is limited space and fixed design. The impression is can be understood as mostly apartment is not like an ordinary house. That is why many people facing problem when arranging their area especially for the living room.

The apartment living room ideas or arrangement should be practical and simple however, it doesn’t mean that we can put whatever we need to be there without consideration and good calculation.

It needs certain strategy to arrange everything so that we will still keep some space on our place. We must know also that apartment characteristic is not the same with an ordinary house.

Hereunder are some apartment living room ideas to help you arranging the furniture for your living room as well as the interior and in the same time keeping the area breathable.

exotic Apartment Living Room Ideas

List Down What you need

I don’t know how big your apartment living room ideas. Regardless the size, we need to know what kind of furniture to be welcomed in our living room. Since the area is very limited than the point is we need to make an all-in-one function place. An open layout between one room and another one is the best idea. Use a proportional size for the furniture. Needless to say that if your living room is small, then chooses a small furniture or medium size.

Never insist to put more furniture if the area doesn’t allowing you to do that otherwise your apartment looks like a warehouse.

Use bright color for the wall and floor

The main factor for using bright color is to give a “wide” effect. We can add a big mirror on our living room as a trick to help the place looks large.

fresh model Apartment Living Room Ideas

Brighter Lamp

The next job after applying any bright color on your living area is lamp. A good lighting will support the color of your living room. Lighting can be obtained from natural light or an artificial lighting.

Furniture Effectiveness

You are aware enough for your apartment living room ideas space. Consequently, select the furniture that you need them to be there. Select the furniture that can safe your living area space. For example, we can use a sofa without backrest. Nowadays, there are many furniture that can be utilized as multifunction purpose.

Finally, your habit or your personal characteristic will affect your apartment neatness. If you are an ignorant type then you will never able to maximize your apartment interior.

luxury concept of Apartment Living Room Ideas

small Apartment Living Room Ideas

minimalist Apartment Living Room Ideas

Apartment Living Room Ideas with wooden floor

Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas

Apartment Living Room Ideas

off white Apartment Living Room Ideas

Apartment living room ideas

Apartment living room with white sofa

Apartment living room

Comfortable apartment living room

Contemporary apartment living room

Cozy apartment living room design

Rendering of a modern living room with open kitchen

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