The Best Kitchen Faucets for a Stylish and Functional Kitchen

One of the most underappreciated accessories in the kitchen is the faucet.  But a faucet does more than just bring water to the sink.  The best kitchen faucet makes a statement AND provides functionality.

A faucet is just as much of a design statement as the wall color or counter top.

How do you chose the best kitchen faucet?  The easiest way to choose is to select by the most known brand or by your favorite type of faucet.  If this still has you stumped, you can always rely on and its reviews!

Here are the brands most people know by name.


Delta faucet
Delta Faucet Modern Single Handle – Check It Now

Delta is one of the most popular brands for bathroom and kitchen faucets.  They boast leading technology including parts that have actual diamonds.  Delta has a number of kitchen faucet styles you can select, including touch activated, single handle, two handle, pull-down/pull-out, and specialized faucets like pot fillers.


Kohler faucet

KOHLER Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet – Check It Now

Kohler is another popular brand.  They make kitchen faucets and sinks and they also make utility sinks, bar sinks and all of the bathroom accessories you could think of.  Kohler is also compatible with water filtration systems and water saving faucets.  Kohler offers very similar styles to Delta: touchless, single-handle, two-handle, pull-down/out, standard and pot fillers.


Moen faucet
Two-Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet – Check It Now

Moen claims to be sophisticated and innovative.  And their designs will certainly support that statement.  Moen separates their designs a step farther than most in that their faucets are classified under modern, traditional or transitional.  Moen does not design anything other than faucets and offers their own styles: Reflex, Spot Resist, MotionSense and of course, the pot filler.


Jaida waterfall bathroom faucet
Jaida Waterfall Faucet – Check It Now

Pfister boasts many awards and like Moen, accommodates water filtration systems using their “Xtract technology”. Pfister produces bathroom and kitchen faucets and other bathroom accessories.  Pfister offers fewer options than the others listed, but they still offer the one handle, two handle, pull out/down and the trusty pot filler.

All of these brand names make similar types of faucets, but what are they?

One Handle Faucet

One handle faucet

One Handle Faucet – Check It Now

This is exactly what it sounds like.  It is simple, with a single handle coming off the faucet.  A push up or out on the handle will turn the water on and a turn one way or the other way will turn the water from hot to cold.  It is handy especially if you have dirty hands, you can turn the water on with the back of your hand or forearm.  There are many styles and many different colors.

Two Handle Faucet

Two handle faucet

Angeline Two Handle Faucet – Check It Now

Again, very similar to what it sounds like.  Only instead of one hand in the middle, there are two handles; one on either side of the faucet.  One handle for hot and the other for cold.  There are many options to fit any design.

Pull Out/Pull Down Faucet

Pull down faucetOpulence Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet – Check It Now

This is where we start to see some excitement in the design of our kitchen faucets.  It is a kitchen faucet, can come in one or two handles, but when you pull on the faucet itself, and “pull it out or down” it becomes a hand held sprayer.  This is super convenient when cleaning or if you have a pot you need to fill up that won’t fit in the sink.  When you are done, it retracts right back to where it was.

Touchless Faucet

Touchless faucet

Touchless Faucet – Check It Now

Not all of the brands above have a touchless and some call them different things.  The touchless has been advertised as the faucet that is necessary for those who get dirty hands.  By simply waving your hand above or under the faucet it will turn on.  When you wave your hand back over it again, it shuts off.

Touch Faucet

Touch faucet design

Touch Faucet- Check It Now

There is also a version that you can turn off and on by simply touching the faucet.  Again, very helpful if you have dirty hands and don’t wish to clean the rest of your faucet and handles after your turn your water on.  Sometimes the touch-less and touch are combined and also have a handle.

Pot Filler

Pot filler faucet

Pot Filler Faucet by Delta – Check It Now

OK, this one isn’t actually a kitchen faucet, but golly it’s handy.  These are usually installed over the stove so that large pots can be filled directly on the stove.  Instead of having to fill the pot up by the sink then carrying it all the way over to the sink this is a much easier solution.

It is important to note that some of these features can be combined with other characteristics.

OK, this is great, but what is the best kitchen faucet?  

Obviously, the best kitchen faucet for you is going to depend on your personal preference.  But here are the top 5 according to

Delta takes the #1 spot as the highest rated with the highest number of reviews with a single handle pull down with magnetic dock for $185.98.  Reviews state that it is “Exceptional” and note only minor deficiencies.

Ufaucet and Ollypulse are second and third respectively.  They are in a much lower price point than the other faucets we are looking at (under $100), but reviewers say that these were better than expected and very easy to install.

Coming in fourth is Kohler with a single handle pull down for $171.22.  The main complaint seems to be poor customer service and minor defects on the inner workings.  The look and style is very favorable to most people.

Fifth is a Moen single handle, pull down for $203.86.  Reviewers state that long term, there can be leaks and installation can difficult.  It is also noted that customer service is very good.

Deciding which faucet is the best is dependent on a number of things like cost, quality, brand and type.  The best kitchen faucet will be the faucet that adds style to your kitchen and makes your life easier by adding functionality at a price you are comfortable with.

If you are interested to buy faucet for your kitchen, just check it out here!