Kitchen Lighting Ideas

minimalist Kitchen Lighting ideas

Setting up kitchen lighting is should be planned properly. Depending on the kitchen size, the lighting should be set up on purpose. It means to say we should categorize the kitchen lighting to get proper bright as well as a proper style.

Let us now categorizing the kitchen lighting into three small groups, ceiling, island and under cabinet lighting (optional). The main concepts are only two, the lamp that will brighten up the whole kitchen area and the lamp that will focus on certain area so that it can help the cooking or other kitchen job processes.

Kitchen Lighting with italian style


The most favorite kitchen lighting for ceiling is chandelier otherwise to have a contemporary style we can set a track lighting up. The position normally is exactly above the dining table. The chandelier lighting will focus on the dining table area mainly as it works as directional light and the track lighting – since it works also like a spot light – will give more dimensions.


Using lighting for the kitchen island is mainly for helping us to prepare some foods, cooking. The suitable lamp for island lighting is a directional lamp. It is not necessary to have brighter lighting on this area. Using a dimmer switch is the best idea for island lighting.

Kitchen Lighting for medium room

Under Cabinet (Optional)

In case we need the kitchen looks more stylish, then we can add under cabinet lighting. Since the under cabinet lighting is an optional feature, most of lamps are installed hidden. It works for kitchen decoration too. The best choice for under cabinet lamp is fluorescent lamp. The lamp should illuminate two-third of your counter-tops.

Generally, the kitchen lighting set up must be adjusted base on the situation of the kitchen you need apart from the kitchen size. In addition, we must consider the kitchen interior too. The proper kitchen lighting will give a comfortable atmosphere.

simple Kitchen Lighting ideas

Kitchen Lighting with modern concept

Kitchen Lighting with unique lamp

best Kitchen Lighting design

minimalist Kitchen Lighting ideas

Kitchen Lighting with classic style