Top Ten Amazing Designs of Kitchen Cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinets

Welcome to the world of unique and contemporary designed home! Here, the kitchen is like the heart of the home. Designing and arrangement of all the things in the kitchen is a matter of great attention. Who says kitchen cabinetry is just for storing pots and other utensils?

Classical kitchen cabinets conceptEveryone’s first sight falls on the kitchen cabinets. The best kitchen cabinets speak of the story which brings us to a dreamland. Let’s learn the top ten amazing designs of the kitchen cabinets. You may have not got them before:

  • Since materials are as many as your imagination, you can think of designing kitchen cabinets by DIY. You can use recycled shipping crates for this purpose. It is the best of all other options as it is quite cheap.Minimalist kitchen cabinets design
  • Put your tension aside, if your kitchen area is small. Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets can serve the best in this condition. Moreover, they maximize the floor space. Beautiful and bright shiny colors enhance the wonderful impression.
  • What if you refinish the cabinet doors in splashy green and orange colors! Re-stain the wood trim of the cabinets. Then, install a light fixture in the center. How fascinating it will become!Glass kitchen cabinets
  • The idea of using luxury glass for the kitchen cabinets will definitely blow you away. The cabinets are finished with glass mosaics. Amazing etching designs are also made on them.
  • Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets look incredible. They are eco-friendly, too. You can get them from falling trees or discarded materials. Just get them furnished and enjoy the natural look.Wooden color kitchen cabinets
  • Another simple and modern idea is to use rustic style. Merge the country-style rusticity with the clean lines. Place a simple wooden stool, which ties the whole appearance together.
  • Arts and Crafts style throw an artistic impression. It is famous for its durability. It gives a royal look to your kitchen. You have to just add fantastic artistic cabinets in pale blue color. Install a hood of contrasting color. It will completely give a crown look to your kitchen.Colorful kitchen cabinets design
  • You will surely like the idea of using glass front kitchen cabinets. It looks gorgeous. Get the wood trim around the front glass to show antique style.
  • Concrete surfaced cabinets stand out truly. They are totally unique in their nature. They are environment-friendly and can be installed in a comparatively short time.White kitchen cabinets brighten up your kitchen
  • White or steel cabinetry appears to be glamorous. There are a wide variety of wood finishes. The glossy lacquered material enhances the beauty. It is quite adventurous at heart.

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