15 Best Wall Shelves Ideas

Wall shelves might play an important role for home decorating. It could be the best storage or display, easy to build and remodel as well. The presence of wall shelves could replace the existence of cabinet, wall shelves more minimalist, does not need much space, and certainly cheaper than the cabinet.

Wall Shelves Material

most innovative wall shelves designYou must specify the several aspects before choosing wall shelves material. Such as: the purpose of wall shelves usage (for display or storage facility), the weight being placed upon them and of course the material grade (thickness, spacing, finishing, etc).

Here are the several material used in the manufacture of wall shelves:

Solid Timber

wall shelves with natural wooden colorSolid timber is a material that is very often used because it has a huge variety of width, strong and suitable for use in various models of wall shelves. Timber is easy to work and manage, this material can be finished using paint, varnish or polishes.

Pine Board

Pine Board wall shelvesThis material is typically as strong as solid timber, but the width is limited. The price is cheaper than solid timber, but the finishing couldn’t be perfect as solid timber.

Chip Board

Here available two type of chip board, laminated and plain chip board (non laminated). The plain or non laminated chip board is the cheapest and weakest material, not much suitable to use as a wall shelves. You may use laminated chip board, this material not strong as timber or pine board material. You have to place light load above it.chipBoard wall shelves

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

MDF is a material that require extra care while you work with it, but it is stronger than chipboard. For the finishing, you may paint it with suitable color or easily sealed it with varnish.

Block board

Block Board wall shelvesBlock board is one material that is easy to process, have a good sufficient strength and capable of supporting loads better than the MDF and chipboard. It can be finished using paint.


Plywood is a material that easy to work with and can be finished using paint. But here, you need to cover the edge using trim. This material stronger than laminated chipboard.


glass wall shelves materialThis is one of attractive shelving material. You only need to buy special brackets which designed for glass, it has special clips and lips to hold it. Besides that, you need to ensure that the periphery of the glass does not rough and sharp.

DIY Wall Shelves

DIY Wall Shelves is popular and in demand today. Besides, it has comparable low cost, DIY wall shelves also give “freedom” for home owners to explore and creating a beautiful wall shelves. You can reuse old stuff at your home or buy an old and discarded items with extremely cheap price.minimalist wall shelves design

You may use these handmade wall shelves at several part of your home, such as kitchen, bedroom, kids room, living room and much more. You may design this wall shelves as your needed, either as a storage facility or only for display purpose.

For the material itself, you can use scrap wood boards or drawers, and you can design it with a classy vintage concept as shown below.DIY Vintage wall shelves from drawers

off white wall shelves idea

one of best wall shelves concept

stylish wall shelves idea

unique wall shelves idea

wall shelves in square shape

white corner wall shelves for small space

black and white wall shelves