Unique and Innovative Home Aquarium Ideas

Have you ever heard that water has a secret power of cleaning our energy field? That’s a pretty good reason to think about a modern home aquarium. Anyway, even if it isn’t useful for your aura, it still looks really cool. There are plenty of home aquarium tanks to choose from, so let’s see how to create your personal tropical water world.

How to get prepared?

Setting a home aquarium is a challenging decision for one’s home (unless you want to buy a small table decorative tank). It is important to be fully prepared.

Firstly, make sure that your home construction can be renovated with such a heavy and large-size thing as a fish tank.Aquarium for home installation

Secondly, before moving an aquarium to its final location, make sure it’s absolutely secure. It can be done by wrapping it in sheets of paper and filling with water for a couple of hours. If the paper stays dry, there are no leaks.

Third, collect all the needed equipment and tools, read setting instructions, and call for professional help if needed.

What’s the ideal place for a home aquarium tank?

It depends on your home characteristics, but there are several general recommendations. As your tank is supposed to be a home for living creatures, its location must be quiet, so put it far from TV, radio, acoustic system and washing machine.best aquarium for home aoffice

Avoid radiators, fireplaces, ovens, and any other heat sources which can raise water temperature. Keep your tank away from strong natural light as it can be dangerous for water quality. And when a home aquarium is set in its final place, better forget about trying to move it elsewhere. Remember, even a small fish bowl is pretty heavy!

What if you want to be creative about your home aquarium’s location?

It’s not a problem: you can use its exotic flair almost wherever you want. Just remember the rules mentioned above. Obviously, home tank’s size matter: the bigger it is the more influential it will be in the room.unique aquarium with sink shape

You may be interested in such breathtaking ideas such as built-in aquariums (in coffee tables or kitchen islands), tanks set above your head in the bedroom, aquarium wall between rooms… Besides, aquarium design for living room often includes tanks put inside the furniture, fish tanks with stand and traditional minimalistic examples.

What to fill your aquarium with?

aquarium with best coral designChoosing your new water roomies is a wonderful adventure. Water-swelling plants and animals in a tank, add a touch of life and color to a home space. Fish, amphibians, turtles, marine mammals, invertebrates and aquatic plants will make a good company only if they are matched correctly and kept in the right conditions. Be patient.

How to decorate your modern home aquarium?

most luxury aquarium with classical conceptWhile plants and animals stay the most charming decor, it is possible to emphasize it. An aquarium can be of various shapes, it may have an interesting background and mysterious back-light. Moreover, it’s fascinating to play with different ornaments and elements inside the tank – for example, decorative waterfalls always look impressive!

Fish tips

unique fish and coral for your aquariumIf you are a beginner at owning a home aquarium, you possibly know nothing about keeping fish. But these colorful creatures mean as much as the tank’s design do. So spend a little time on reading about freshwater fish for home aquarium and be sure that those you choose are easy to care of, peaceful, and are able to resist temporary discomfort. And, of course, they must fit in your tank and have enough space for happy living!

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