The Usage of Floating Shelves In Your Home

Minimalist floating shelves idea

Are you stuck in setting a wide range of books? Don’t destroy your precious treasure by putting it here and there. Shortage of space is not the matter of fact now. Let’s discover the wonderful ways of storing and home decor.

How to instal floating shelvesAs we know that the shelves are a favorite storage option. Instead of keeping a large size bookcase, floating shelves do the same job in a more elegant style. These wall-mounted shelves take on a sleek modern look. These are easy for everyone to install by DO IT YOURSELF methods. These are attached to the walls with strong and durable screws. Hence, they last longer.

Floating Shelves in the Kitchen:

Floating shelves kitchenFloating shelves are like a beautiful avenue. You can display eye-catching wonderful decoration pieces on them. Surely, the visitors will admire the way, you organize them. Add floating shelves in your kitchen and keep stylish plates and cups there. Place the things perfectly on the neat and polished floating shelves. They are open so, easy to maintain.

Stylish Shelves for Bathrooms

Floating shelves bathroomWould you like to exhibit bathroom accessories on light floating shelves in the corner? Obviously, it is an attractive way of storing bathroom accessories. They provide convenience without killing the space. Don’t you think, they are an excellent choice for small bathrooms? You can see a great contrast of the floating shelves to the light-colored marble of the bathroom interior.

The Best Floating Bookshelves for Study Room

Floating bookshelvesWhat if you use lighted bulbs for giving an elegant glow to your floating shelves of the study room! Such wall-shelves will definitely appear luxurious and fascinating. The blend of beautiful colored lights for floating shelves will throw a unique impression. Moreover, it will become easy to find the book, you want to read.

The Best Ideas for Living Room

Floating shelves living roomIn your living room too, the floating shelves around the side of television serve the storage purpose. Usually, the shelves here are decorated with the beautiful artificial flowers and decoration pieces. It is a wonderful idea to use the floating shelves matching with the wooden furniture. Certainly, it will be an interesting and appealing approach. It will show balance of colors.Off white floating shelves

Floating shelves give a clean and marvelous look to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, study room and bathroom. They provide an easy access to the things, placed on them. Unlike ordinary showcases, you can never go wrong with floating shelves as their maintenance is quite easy.

Minimalist floating shelves idea

Most stylish floating shelves design

Natural floating shelves concept

Unique floating shelves concept

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Floating shelves for small room

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