Moroccan Home Decor an Exotic Vibes

Moroccan furniture ideas

Turning your home into a wonderful eastern treasure island is the secret power of Moroccan home decor. This exotic style does a pure magic to every space, erasing any boundaries between fantasies and reality. Happily, there are lots of tips that will easily help you to enrich your home interior design. So, what can you use for a traditional Moroccan room decor?

Colors for Moroccan home Decor

Morocco House Look OutstandingVibrant colors are an essential part of Morocco’s unique culture. This land is famous for its unlimited freedom in mixing colors and shades, and its common color scheme reflects ocean hues and desert. Then go for blues, greens, oranges, reds and beige as a neutral background.


Moroccan ceramicsBowls, plates, ashtrays, pitchers, cups of different designs, styles and colors – there’s a great variety to choose from. Traditional Moroccan ceramics are absolutely stunning, particularly if it’s original and handmade. So several ceramic items will give your kitchen, living room and other spaces a fresh oriental look. And don’t forget about tiles!

Wooden furniture

Moroccan furniture ideasMoroccan room decor can’t be imagined without natural materials, especially without wood – the warmest of them. Pay attention to unusual wooden furniture, such as tables, chairs, racks, folding screens, etc. If you find any hand-painted item for your house, it’s an extra success! These things will make an excellent company with traditional Moroccan leather and textile poufs, which don’t occupy a lot of space and make your room comfy.

Traditional lightning

Outstanding Moroccan Living Room DesignIn fact, Moroccan home decoration is based on lightning. Lanterns and chandeliers are the most effective tool to set the right atmosphere and bring an exotic touch to inner home space. Focus your attention on those lightings, which are made from bright glass, like yellow, green, red and blue. They are essential not only for creative interior solutions, but also for producing soft glowing magical light.

Vintage rugs

Vintage rugsWhen we think about Morocco, it’s hard not to recall fascinating handmade rugs. They connected to the country’s culture and really mean a lot to its every citizen. That’s why Moroccan decorations shall include placing several beautiful rugs in different parts of a house. Ideally, try to get an authentic one, but a modern style will also work well as a part of Moroccan style decor.

Metallic accessories

Moroccan home accessoriesThe metalwork tradition in Morocco is very strong, even nowadays, so bronze, copper, nielloed gold and silver will look great in an oriental interior style. Don’t limit yourself and use these metals in details and decorative accessories, such as vases, kettles, mirrors for more Moroccan flavor in your home space.

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