Varied Wall Units Design for You

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Discussing about furniture, it would not be complete without the presence of wall units. Wall units designed with varied concept, start from traditional to contemporary concept. About the model, you may found simple to intricate design. Almost of wall unit made from pure wood or particle boards, also there is the combination between solid and wood or glass and wood.

Traditional Wall Units

In traditional concept, almost all of them are designed with pure wood material and comes with more drawers and shelves. You may increase the beauty of this traditional wall unit by adding perfect lighting on it.

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Contemporary Wall Units

Absolutely most of people are in love with contemporary style. It will make our home look stylish and elegant. Contemporary style has more varied model and colors. The design of it is almost simpler and minimalist.

The Perfect Wall Units

Here the several things that needs to be considered in the selection of wall unit’s model:

pure wooden Wall Units

  • The first is the theme and concept. About the theme and concept, you need to adjust it with your room style. You need to look around your room, check your room and furniture color, to determine the best theme color for the units. About the concept, make sure that whole furniture in your room designed with one concept (same).
  • As you got the theme and concept, in next you need to choose the perfect model of it. For example you have a minimalist room concept, here you need to choose contemporary wall unit design with minimalist style.

Wall Unit with particle board material

  • Do not focusing at the model and color only, you need to look at the material they use. Wall units are often made from oak material, maple, yellow cedar, particle wood, and much more. They have their own plus and negative value. You need to choose best quality and high safety material. If you prefer to choose wall units which designed with wood and glass combination, you need to choose tempered glass material.
  • Check out your budget. Look inside your pocket or ATM, that how much money you have there. If you have minimum budget, wall units with particle wood would be suit to you. That’s because particle wood has cheaper price than original wood.

Wall Unit with simple design

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Wall Units for white room

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