A Right Sofa for Your Home & How To Find It

Awesome modern sofa design

Considering that we spend about 15 years of a lifetime sitting, the priority of choosing the right sofa is not questioned. Perfect for resting hours and relaxation, this piece of furniture can often become a favorite place for each member of the family and a center of a home chill zone. In order not to be frustrated with the wrong buy that doesn’t suit your home, follow our brief tips on how to pick out the best sofa for a living room.

Awesome modern sofa design

Start with size

A sofa is not a chair; it is loads more expensive. Is so, it is reasonable to imagine this purchase as an investment in your high comfort and adhere to a principle of “look before you leap.” According to this, the first important thing about a sofa is its aptness to your living space. Compare all the dimensions made at home with furniture at a store that caught your eye, so to be sure they match each other.Off black sofa ideas

A sofa must not be too big for a space, otherwise it will make the area visibly smaller and leave only a few spare feet. The best sofas for small spaces are compact, corner sofas, or sofas of streamlined shapes. Instead, if you are proud of having a large spacious living room, don’t be afraid of choosing a massive, sprawling sofa: guests will love it!

What it is made of

As you want your new sofa to serve you rest for many years, you should pay attention to its production technique. The one that it made of stapled chipboard and glue is likely to live a way shorter life than the other, whose construction is based on dowels and screws. Hardwood, including birch, teak, cherry and oak is preferable for sofa’s frame than pine, for example.Sofa with classical backrest concept

And, the last but not the least, material. If you have kids, furry pets or love throwing parties, it is believed that the fabric won’t work well, unlike leather. But a lot of modern, innovative fabrics are waterproof, scratch-resistant and resistant to dirt, so you still can choose a soft and pleasant to touch sofa coverage. But, maybe, not too light.

Style features

Clasical sofa design ideasA sofa is able to fit the basic general style concept of a living room or become the center of it and change a whole impression. While shopping, rely on your personal taste and already existing interior scheme.

As for hot design trends, the best sofas of 2017 include sofas of pastel colors, like pale blue, yellow, beige and pink, and dark deep colors as well. Besides, all shades of green are on top: remember that “green” is the color of 2017 according to PANTONE.Green sofa 2017 best colors

Greenery with its Eco feel goes perfectly with terracotta that adds some warmth to the atmosphere. A rise of tactile surfaces explains the popularity of velvet, wool, leather and tartan in new sofas collections. 2017 is a year of eclectic design solutions, so it’s the right time to use your freedom in furniture shopping.

Where to buy

Today there is plenty of good offers for each taste and wallet. Anyway, it will be pretty wise to confide this choice to one of the best quality sofas brands that have built a strong reputation on sofas manufacturing. Among them – A.R.T. Furniture, B&B Italia, Ashley, La-Z-Boy, Bassett, Lane, Natuzzi, Lee Industries and many others. Speaking about leather sofas, consider visiting American Leather, Bradington-Young, Baja Leather Designs, Bell’O, Lazzarro Leather.

Hope you are on your way to find a perfect sofa for your living space!

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