Home Coffee Bar a Small “Cafe Shop”

wooden Home Coffee Bar material

It’s a coffee break time! What would you like to have? coffee, tea, or chocolate? Don’t worry, this time, it is on me.

It is just a joke that you can say it to your friends or guests when they visit your home. But wait, you can say that if only you have your home coffee bar. Don’t have one? How about to create a small “cafe shop” in your home?

Home coffee bar is another way to enjoy your coffee, tea or other hot drinks at your home. Usually, it is located in the kitchen or nearby. Let your beautiful wife to be your bartender and you are her loyal customer. Is it a great idea? OK let’s begin then.

white Home Coffee Bar concept

Read “Sorry We’re Closed” no more by having your own home coffee bar. Start designing the best physical layout that work in your kitchen area. How to get the layout idea? Simply by browsing some magazine or internet related to it.

Once you’ve got the idea, then write down the supporting things you need or you must have like electrical outlets and other furniture like counter-top corner, alcove or if you cannot place a counter top, then you can use small table or cart or any other similar furniture.

Home coffee bar surely needs some electrical devices like coffee maker or brewer and if you don’t mind about the budget, add an espresso or cappuccino machine. Some people use coffee bean grinder or a 2 in one machine, coffee maker with built in grinder.

Home Coffee Bar for small space

The next step is designing the storage. Coffee bar surely needs storage to keep your coffee, sugar, tea and chocolate. The option is placing a hanging shelf on the wall. It depends what the style you need, we can have an open shelving unit or closed. An open shelving unit is very attractive as it can be utilized for your bar’s decoration. It can display mugs, plates, canisters and many things.

The job is almost done. It is about the final touch for your home coffee bar. Put some nice accessories like vase, potted greenery, lamps and any other decorating stuff to make the bar more attractive.

Now, you have your very own mini cafe shop with top class private service and at the same time you can free enjoy the casual environment with your family, guests or friends.

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wooden Home Coffee Bar material

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