Dressing Table for Your Personal Boudoir

Since an average woman doesn’t spend several hours on her preparations as it was a couple of centuries ago, a dressing table is still a highly important zone, where the magic happens. Dressing table may become a part of your bedroom, dressing room or bathroom. In any case, it is essential not only for organizing your beautiful armor, but organizing your thoughts as well.

classical dressing table ideasA dressing table is a pretty powerful piece of furniture when it comes to creating atmosphere. Depending on its style, a room eventually becomes more elegant or romantic, futuristic or seductive.

Romantic collection

most luxury dressing table design

Refined shape, carved mirrors, soft pastel colors – a quintessence of romantic style to your ladies’ room. This dressing table design seems to suit both aristocratic houses of 17 century and modern bedroom, belonging to a sweet and dreamy person.

Less is more

Minimalist dressing table ideasIf you love minimalism and enjoy living in the clean space with no excess details, then you’ll be delighted with these simple yet chic modern dressing tables. White and black colors are the queen and the king of minimalism, while glass, metal and dyed wood provide a classy effect for your interior.

Makeup station

White dressing table by ikea

Every woman knows the importance of makeup as a private ritual, so a proper dressing table must contain all necessary features. Dressing tables with drawers provide a high-level comfort of the process, keeping all your beauty products, perfumes, and other ladies items well organized ready to hand.

Light, please

Dressing table with lightsThe quality of makeup is highly dependent on the quality of current lightning. In order to avoid unexpected beauty failures (especially if your beauty zone is located far from natural light sources) search for dressing table mirror with lights. The right temperature and intensity of table light is a guarantee of a spectacular result.

Complete set

Complete dressing table setA sitting spot is almost as important as a table itself. Your dressing table can be complemented with a stool, a chair, an ottoman or a banquette. The practice shows that dressing table with a mirror and a stool is among the most popular options. Nevertheless, the final choice should be based on your personal preferences and interior style only.

A special place

While installing a dressing table, take care of the environment. Fresh flowers, memorable photos, statuettes, jewelry, aromatic candles, and other nice staff set a proper atmosphere in your personal boudoir.

corner dressing table ideas

dressing table with antique holder

dressing table with full mirror

dressing table with much shelves

dressing table with soft wood color

minimalist dressing table ideas

most stylish dressing table concept

off black dressing table theme

unique dressing table shape

varied concept of dressing table

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