A Complete Guide to Make a Pallet Bar

Outdoor pallet bar

The pallet bars are ideal for having fun with friends and family. Enjoy diving in the swimming pool and having cold drinks in the sizzling summer. Similarly, barbecue parties in winter are simply tremendous. You can place the drinks on the shelves and serve them on the countertops. Wooden pallet bars are very attractive for young guys. You can easily clean and dismantle a pallet-bar. For the fun moments, you can install an indoor or outdoor pallet bar yourself. Just follow the simple steps given below:How to design a pallet bar

Step 1: Make a Pallet Bar Frame

First of all, you need the stringer boards and create a front frame in the square shape. Then, you have to fix the screws or the nails at the joining parts of the bar. It is strong enough and can protect the whole frame.Pallet bar frame

Step 2: Install the Front of Pallet Bar

The frame is ready now. The next step is to arrange the pallet straight lengths. For this, fill up the frame and join the parts. Use the natural wood or the rustic gray color.

Step 3: Install the Sides

This is the time to install the sides of your wooden pallet. Use added stringer boards and make the extra hollow square shaped frames. Fill up the frame sides to give it a vigorous foundation.Pallet bar frame side

Step 4: Tighten the Pallet Slats

Check all the frame sides and again tighten the pallet slats, because there may be some loose slat. This will ensure that the wooden pallet bar made by you is robust and secure.

Step 5: Install the Countertops

Countertops pallet barAt this stage, you have to install the counter tops for your pallet. It must be sturdy and neatly cut. Do not forget to rub it with the sandpaper nicely. The strong pallet slats are ready.

Step 6: Install the Bar Surface

Let the counter-tops be installed with the double layered slats. Make the shelves lower. Use the well-clenched and shining wooden lengths to install the bar surface. Make sure, it is splinter free.Pallet bar surface

Step 7: Final Touch

This is the last step of your DIY pallet bar. Recheck the fine finish and use the beautiful and decent paint colors. Also, coat it with the stain and sealing material. Again, sand the surface well. There should be no chance of splinters. Make it glowing, smooth and water and weather resistant. You can give your pallet bar a final touch with the dark brown color. It will give your bar a contemporary and elegant look.Outdoor pallet bar

You just have to varnish the shelves and countertops and leave the remaining parts as a natural rustic appearance. It is more appealing and close to nature. For surface, the most popular and striking color is Minwax black. You can fine-tune the wood with the red mahogany, dark and light walnut coat and the shiny gold colored oak.


Pallet bar with lightingIf you want to make your pallet bar long-lasting, you can seal it with the polyurethane, epoxy resins and wood oils. It will make the wood durable and maintain its integrity. You can decorate your bar with the lights. The interior lights of the pallets give an amazing look at night. Some people use LED lights that blink in multiple colors and add to its charm in the dark. Add a few stools around or you can put some chairs for your friends. Have fun and save your memorable moments!

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