Bookshelf Designs Setting a Worthwhile Place for Your Books

Bookworm bookshelf

Many book lovers undervalue the importance of having a proper bookshelf at home. Agree or disagree, but your books deserve a better life than to be kept in a room corner or under the bed. Besides, neat rows of printed treasures make the home look more solid, elegant, and smart. Plus, you will never lose a book you are reading at the moment somewhere in the house. So, let’s see what the design world can offer.

Invisible shelves

Invisible shelvesInvisible shelves are a classic option of bookshelves for small spaces. A slim rack made of metal or plastic is firm and durable, so there’s no reason to worry about the safety of construction: it is capable of enduring a pretty good weight. Thanks to their thinness, these shelves are easily hidden inside a book, providing an “invisible” effect.

Bookworm bookshelf

Bookworm bookshelfIronic name of this flexible design reflects its starling usage potential: every book lover will be definitely satisfied. Such a bookshelf combines an artistic look with excellent carrying capacity. Bookworm is one of the best ideas of bookshelves designs on walls.

Letter bookshelf

Awesome modern bookshelf designsThis modern bookshelf design may become the central decoration of your interior. It is possible to buy the whole alphabet and rearrange the shelf message according to your mood. Of course, if you have enough time and energy to replace all the books from time to time.

Under the ceiling

Under the ceiling bookshelfBookshelf designs for a small room include installing bookshelves on the wall and up to the ceiling, in order to effectively use the whole surface available. Don’t forget to provide yourself with a secure ladder.

Staircase bookshelf

Under stairs bookshelf designPinterest is full of pictures of happy people sitting on the stairs, surrounded by something reminding a secret library. It’s a real idea, available for everyone who has stairs in his house. A staircase bookshelf is a fantastic way to use extra space.

Book tree

Unique geometric tree bookshelf ideasThis kind wall mounted bookshelf designs will come home to those who enjoy Scandinavian design. A simple tree-like shape won’t let you forget that reading helps to grow skyward. Certainly, metaphorically.

Covered bookshelves

Diy covered bookshelvesCovered bookshelf designs are mostly minimalist, so they can be integrated into almost every interior. Traditionally wooden, they can also be presented in metal or durable plastic. The main advantage of a covered bookshelf is its hidden storage features. But they are perfect not only for book storage but placing the little stuff nearby for an unusual composition, including attractive lighting, souvenirs, textures and so on.

Built-in alcove bookcases

A great bedroom solution for those who enjoy reading both falling asleep and waking up with a couple of books close at hand.Built in bookshelf for small space

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