Bedroom Cupboards Design Ideas

Bedroom cupboards can be categorized into primary bedroom furniture. Indeed today so many people are choosing to design a beautiful bedroom closet or under bed storage, rather than a cupboard (especially for those who have limited space).

bedroom cupboards for narrow space

Bedroom Cupboards vs Closet vs Under Bed Storage

Bedroom closet certainly has some advantages over the bedroom cupboards. Among them stylish and space-saving. But the bedroom cupboards also has several advantages that can not be found in the closet, such as more economical (can be adjusted with the budget you have), saving time, more practical, and easy to remodel.contemporary bedroom cupboards idea

Under bed storage is the best option for those of you who want really saving, in terms of financial and space saving. But as we know, the storage area is very limited, it is not appropriate to replace the existence closet. Under bed storage is only suitable for those of you who have less equipment or living in a boarding house.

Bedroom Cupboards Material

off white bedroom cupboards with best designMaterial plays an important role in choosing or designing a bedroom cupboard. Here is some material that most frequently used in designing the bedroom cupboards:

Particle Board

bedroom cupboards with particle board materialThis material is produced from wood chips, sawdust and shavings. Suitable to designing furniture that is not exposed to moisture and humidity. Some particle board comes with lamination on their surface, or which known as per-laminated board. Particle board has varied density and thickness, so you can adjust according your needs.
Particle wood is cheaper than solid wood, portable (it has light weight), it does not expand due to weather changing and does not easily dent or distort.

Medium Density Fiber (MDF)

bedroom cupboards for wide space areaMDF is a material that made from recycled wood fibers, with the resin usage as a binder, processed by High temperature and pressure. MDF is stronger than particle board, not affected by the weather changing, the price is cheaper than plywood and easy work with as it has a smooth surface (easy for cutting and painting).

BWP Plywood

This material is much better than those two materials above. BWP plywood is stronger, resistant to moisture and high temperature, but the price is more expensive than particle board and MDF.

bedroom cupboards with dressing table

bedroom cupboards with glass and wood material

classical bedroom cupboards design

minimalist bedroom cupboards design

most stylish bedroom cupboards attached to bathroom

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