10 Most Desirable Floor Couch Design

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Are you an experimenting person, loves to create an attractive design and exploring the beauty of each room in your house? Well, let’s bring a magic touch start from your living room. While discussing about the living room, definitely the first thing that comes to our mind is a matching sofa table. That’s the important interior at all.

Actually the original sofa concept almost like a chair in general, have legs, seat and backrest. But, this original concept of sofa have much deficiency, such as the legs part is easily damaged or sometimes the existence of this furniture becomes inefficient because of the dust and dirt that has accumulated under the seats (and sometimes difficult to be cleaned). To resolve the issue, we may replace it with a floor couch.

Floor couch has greater efficiency, such as we do not need working hard to clean the bottom of the sofa (cleaner and healthier). Floor couch also easily accessible by children, you do not have to worry that your children will fall while climbing it. If evaluating from the weight, it has lighter weight (you can easily customized the arrangement). The last advantage is functional and affordable price.

Which type of floor couch you prefer for? This furniture comes with varied design such as u-shape, modular, single and sectional. Before determining the best design, it would be better to review the placement location and the space area you have.

U-Shape Floor Couch Design

This design will be precisely applied to the rooms were quite spacious and has a single entertainment point, such as television. U-shape floor couch shall be placed in the middle of the room. This concept would not suitable for you who have narrow space area.

Single Floor Couch Design

This concept actually not much suitable for living room, as we know that we wouldn’t sitting alone in there. Single floor couch would be best to place inside bedroom or at our bedroom balcony. Almost of single floor couch comes with a table that has a suitability concept (color, size, design, motif).

Sectional Floor Couch

Have narrow space area? Sectional floor couch would be suitable for it. As shown from the name, sectional means you have to place it at one corner of your room, thus made the room looks cozy and spacious. Beautify your sectional floor couch with a fur rug that has suitable color and size. As shown above, the combination between brown sectional floor couch and gray-brown fluffy fur rug, invent a cozy design.

Modular Floor Couch

The modular concept should be placed in a room were open and spacious. If you have the concept of open houses, in terms at the spacious open-plan space, modular sofa type much suitable and perfect. Have a modular floor couch with varied motif and colors would be best for your spacious room, especially if you have plain white or soft color wall painting.

Couch Built into Floor

This is one design that gets more attention these days. This design would be very suitable if you are in the stages of building or renovating your home. You need a very precise calculations and details about the space and the sofa design. Because the sofa must fit into the room space. Here you only have two option, you buy first the sofa and make appropriate floor space for it, or you should order a sofa that fits the area you have (sometimes we have to bring the craftsman and he will be designed in accordance with the area and our desire, you need an extra cost for it).

U-shape design would be appropriate to placed there (so far that’s depend to its space form). The most important thing is the height of your sofa does not exceed the height of the floor were you have, they should be same and has appropriate elevation.