Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Luxury dining room lighting ideas

Choosing a lamp for dining room lighting is easy if you know the main purpose. As mentioned, it is part of your decoration; consequently, there are some considerations you have to know. One thing you must remember that your dining room lighting must be a place centerpiece and to be a point of interest that will attract the eyes.

Awesome dining room lighting ideas


I think, this is the most favorite dining room lighting. It will look great and make the area alive.

Choose a chandelier lamp that surely will attract the eyes. Chandelier gives the effect of soft, dimmed, and also gives a candlelight effect. There are many chandeliers or pendant lamps out there with different models and shapes. However, before you buy it, please check the dimension of your dining table. The Chandelier should not be bigger that your table.Dining room lighting ideas for small room

Once you know the dimension of your table, and then reduce it by 6” narrower so that you will get a perfect down-light for your table. The next is hanging the chandelier. In order to get proper installation, measure the height of your ceiling. If your ceiling is 8 feet tall, then the proper height for your chandelier is 30 inch from your table. For any additional foot, you can add another one inch above the table.

Track Dining Room Lighting

Smart dining room lighting ideasIt can create an ambient environment and mood. You can install 4 rows of down-light that will spread the light around the table as well as providing the light to your tableware.

As general advice:

  • The above dining room lighting is only part of the idea. You should not stick on them. However, the dining room lighting is must be a task light that makes a directional lighting.
  • Check the dimension to have a proper lamp installation. Putting chandelier or recessed lamp too high will only make your place in a horror. It is too dark as the lamp illumination will not distribute properly and also don’t be too close. Make it safer and comfortable.Dining room down lighting ideas
  • Your dining room lighting is about your personality reflection. So express your style
  • The best wattage for your chandelier is 200 to 400 watt as total. You can add down-light together with chandelier to have additional light on the table.
  • Finally, make your dining as comfortable area, not a lamps store.

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Dining room lighting ideas

Luxury dining room lighting ideas

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