Best Wine Storage Design

Puzzle Model
Unique, Colorful with Puzzle Model

Having a small bar at your house, or you like to drink wine or soft drink? Absolutely you need a perfect wine storage ideas. There are varied concept of wine storage, with or without cooler and even the combination of them.

Well about the design we can classified it into several types, such as wine storage rack, cabinet and cube. About storage rack, the style quite varied and sometimes it look so unique, usually placed above the table or hanging on wall.minimalist wine storage ideas

People almost like to place this concept because it more stylish and practice. This model is not recommended to you who having kids, because this can be danger for them (if you not place in proper area).

The other model is cabinet wine storage type, this design with high security because have door that we can lock. So suitable for you who having kids in home. There are two type of cabinet wine storage, with cooler, without cooler and the combination of them. Maximum people prefer to place the last concept, as the cabinet has wide area, they divide half without cooler and half with storage with and without cooler combination

If you are confused to decide which concept you want, I can give some opinion which I hope can help you to decide which one the best style. If you have less collection of soft drink and wine that’s will better to use rack or cube style (cube much recommended for you who have narrow area), you can place it above the table also you can hang it on the wall. Not only as a storage place, but this can increase the beauty of your room.

Cabinet wine storage is so suitable for you who have a lot collection of bottle. For minimalist or contemporary home, you can see bellow picture model, this wine storage is so minimalist and unique (attached at the kitchen cabinet). That’s so storage attached to cabinet

Now days, wine storage come with colorful theme and material. They are so suitable to place in any kind of home or room concept. The material are much varied, but almost people prefer to use wooden material.

That’s because wooden material stylish, durable and suitable to place in any concept of room. The shape is varied and the colors too. About colors you can painting your wine storage with your favorite color or you can mix match with your room theme colors.unique wine storage with Puzzle Model

cabinet wine storage with cooler

hanging wine storage cabinet

most stylish wine storage ideas

off white wine storage with elegant model

wine storage at kitchen island

wooden wine storage material