Most Luxury Bedroom in The World

Luxury bedroom its mean that designing our bedroom with high quality of the furniture, design, to make it room more elegant. And the way how you can mix and match two color which is usually match with another thing on it room. Actually for the furniture the designer is also put the modern, minimalist, and simple of its, but its looks elegant with the same color as the another thing on it room.

Luxury Bedroom Design with Ethnic Style
Indian Concept with Ethnic Style

White Creamy Luxury Bedroom DesignFor the design of  it room, I give some idea like you can paint your room with cream color. There you can choose that color for another furniture too like sofa, chair, small table between bed, make up mirror, etc.

Usually you can put that color as the color of the curtain and the bed cover on your room. On the back on our bed, you can design it with putting the wall sticker and the motive of it is floral and the color of it same as the color of its room.

Actually in its room you can mix and match the gold and cream color and not only cream, to make its more elegant.

Unique concept make it as Luxury Bedroom

Luxury Bedroom with brown color conceptAnother idea is white luxury bedroom, in here all of the furniture color are white. The first is you can paint the wall with white color, and you can put the ornament which its hanging on the right and left bed with same color as the wall.

For the style of the beds are simple but the headboard of it is like the headboard on king and queen chair with white color too.

In front of the bed, you can put small table and two chair beside it. Also you can put one small table between the beds as the place for putting the lamp.


Colorful and Luxury Bedroom DesignBeside right and left window you can put the rack with dark color of it and you can put the flower vases on the top of it, and beside it you can puts the classical candle holder.

For the mirror you can choose the circle mirror which is surrounded by the ceramic on its. The last idea is you can mix and match red color and cream in your room like you can paint the wall with red color, and on the back of the bed.

You can put the imitation stone with the grey and cream color of it, and also the style of the bed is classical style with the fabric on the top of it, you can puts small table beside right and left it, and you can put the sofa in front the bed, and one classical chair on its room.



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