Minimalist House for Healthy Lifestyle

Minimalist House with stylish concept

Are you a fan of minimalist house? Then you shall be familiar with these men, Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus. According to them minimalism is ultimate simplicity, living with less, and making time and space to discover what is really important. Having a minimalist house designs allows you to live with less, yet your life becomes more that you ever imagined; it is clearly proven when you see a picture of minimalist house, you can see that there is less furniture and decoration yet you love the design.

One of the ideas from minimalist house is to live practical and structured. Having a minimalist house will gives you a healthy lifestyle, as you won’t have to stress because your house needs to be cleaned but because it is too big you are feeling too lazy then you leave it as it is. And also, clutter is a form of visual distraction, and everything in our vision pulls at our attention at least a little. The less clutter the less visual we have.

Minimalist House for narrow space

To start first you need to get rid of everything that is useless and the things that you don’t really need more. You can also exchange few items with something that functions as those items simultaneously. Think of which furniture which can be eliminated without sacrificing comfort and livability.

Store your belongings like keys, books or magazines, DVDs or CDs, etc. out of sight, you may have some stuff like one or two artwork on the table or the wall to add some accent. Remember, quality over quantity! For example a living room may contain a couch and one or two chair, a coffee table and a minimalist entertainment stands with TV; it shouldn’t have other things like big bookshelves, a cabinet full of items at the top of it, or too much wall decorations in it.

Minimalist House with best architecture

For the floor and the walls, try to pick a plain color and pattern that is monochromatic. Match your curtain color as well.

For the kitchen and dining room make sure that there are only few essentials like dining table and chair, a toaster, microwave and coffee maker. Put your kitchen and dining utensils in the cabinet and always try to keep your trash bin half full so that it won’t give a dirty atmosphere inside the house.

Minimalist House with stylish concept

Minimalist House for wide area

Minimalist House with underground style

Minimalist House with best lighting

Minimalist House concept