Know about types of Floor Lamps

Home is incomplete without lightening arrangements and floor lamps are the best ways to highlight your home and bring uniform light in it. These are lighting fixtures, which can be moved easily around the home. They can be used for multiple purposes and should be selected very carefully. floor lamps by IKEAFloor lamps serve in illuminating your house or workplace and they are also excellent for decoration. These are mainly used for additional lighting and even making your house look amazing. There are many floor lamps used for creating a theatrical atmosphere in the house. You can turn on all the lights and create a great appearance to highlight various features of your home.

Types of floor lamps

Floor Lamps with gold shadeThere are different types of floor lamps and these can be chosen according to your taste and need. There are a variety of options available and you might get confused for selecting the appropriate one. The most common ones are discussed below:

Reading Lamps

antique floor lamps materialReading lamps are oldest and favorite kind of lamps. They provide extra light for reading and are designed in an artistic way. These are available in plain and colored pieces to match the interior of your home.

Designer Lamps

designer floor lamps ideaThe interior designers focused in making the designs more useful and attractive. Modern interior designs include floor lamps are the most conceptual way of spreading light in the most desirable way. Designer lamps should be on the topmost list of your lighting plan and they can make you house or workplace look amazing.

Kids Lamps

kids floor lampsKids are most attracted to lights and sounds. Children can view different shades and tones of their favorite colors in their room and can be attracted well by implication of several lights. There are several lamp shapes available for reading and completing the work. They will even be attracted by their favorite cartoon or movie characters in the lamps. For tiny kids, cartoon or animal shape lamps are the best for creating good impression on the kids’ room.

Glass lamps

glass floor lampsMany floor lamps have glass or transparent fiber option. These can provide maximum light and even enhanced light to the home. It can be used for many purposes and can provide shade or light according to the personalized room.

Wooden lamps

unique wooden Floor Lamps designThese are decorated in wooden art and best for the homes having vintage look. Floor lamps having wooden accessories appear impressive and can be placed in any room without giving a second thought.



floor lamps with iron stand

floor lamps with unqiue stand design

floor lamps with white and grey combination

minimalist Floor Lamps idea

modern and unique floor lamps

retro style floor lamps

stylish floor lamps concept

classical floor lamps concept