Designing and Decorating a Study Room

Study Room with minimalist style

Generally, a study room is an area that specially designed for study or work, as almost no differences between study and working area. Study rooms should be a “quite” area for reading or any related activities. It can be located separately or sometimes at one place with another room like bedroom.

The main point of study room is not luxurious but it needs good lighting and supported by furniture like shelves, cabinet and a comfortable chair.

Study Room with grey base color

The study room must give us a quite environment so that we can focus on or totally concentrate what we are doing effectively. Choosing the color is one of the essential part. Choose the color that make us comfortable and make sure there has window as sometimes we need fresh air if we sit there for long time.

A study room should be designed properly since we will spend much time there. It needs a good decoration as well.

Study Room for our kids

Designing and Decorating study room

  • As stated previously, the proper color of it will make you feel comfortable and will help you to focus on. Select any calm color you like.
  • For the floor, using ceramic tile will make the area warmer and easy to be cleaned or else, we can put carpet on the floor to make the room create a cozy feeling.
  • Don’t make it looks empty and too cramp at the same time. Select a modern furniture will affect the atmosphere.
  • Fill the emptiness wall with some wooden panels for books. If you spend more times for reading an ottoman is a perfect choice. Add a small table beside the ottoman for your tea or coffee and other stuffs.
  • Use a normal lighting but not too bright as it will give tension. It is highly recommended to have windows for it.
  • Have an artwork for the wall or you can hang some photos of you and your friends or even your own creation to add room tone or color at your study room.

Study Room with wooden floor

Study Room with natural concept

Study Room with best concept

modern Study Room design

Study Room with huge area

Study Room with minimalist style

Study Room with wooden material

Study Room for teenage