Creative Shoe Storage Ideas

off white Shoe Storage

For women buying and collecting shoes is something that they cannot hold, when they notice something that is cute or fabulous they will buy it. However, it is important for them to arrange their shoes neatly; in spite of this they often struggle because of insufficient space for their shoes, or their shoe cabinet isn’t good enough that it makes them lazy to arrange it. Try to create your own shoe cabinet, you will feel glad once you did it and you will keep it clean and arrange it properly every time.

Shoe rack under stairsA basic example would be by using a ladder to put your heels, it is very simple to make a ladder by yourself and the materials aren’t hard to find. Use those empty spaces under the ladder and install racks underneath them, it is the best way to save some spaces for the house.

Cardboard shoe rack storageYou can also make a use of PVC or a thick Cardboard and make a shape of triangle or rectangle shoe storage, or you can creates something else, be creative. Paint it in one color and place them at the corner of your room. Do not forget to adjust the shoe storage design with your room concept.

It also a great idea to use the existing furniture that is no longer being used and just lying around in your house making it looks crowded. For example shelves or cabinet that consist with several drawers.

Diy shoe rackNext idea is by using a “used shoes box”, it is a great way to recycle your scrap. You can repaint it to make it looks more fun and stylish. You may paint if with varied color and make beautiful motif on it.

You can also create your own hanger or a surface on the wall to place your shoes. That’s the suitable shoe storage, for you who have narrow space area. Be creative, try to think of something different but don’t do it too much, remember to keep the unity of the style in your house.

A cute and colorful shoe storage would be suitable for your kids, it’s may attract your child to become discipline and likes to keeps everything in its place.Stylish diy shoe rack


Diy shoe rack creative ideas


Diy shoe rack ideas


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