Most Inspiring Closet Curtains Idea

When you are choosing a design for your closet, whether it is for the bedroom, the dressing room or the storage room, you have to merge two things: looks and functions. For the looks, you have to follow the design of the room itself so that it won’t contrast the designs.

For the closet in your bedroom, using a curtain instead of sliding door will makes the bedroom looks more cozy and it will be easier for you if you want to get something out the closet; and to top it all, using a curtain for the closet is much more cheaper than any other kind of door you can have for the closet.

off white Closet Curtains concept

If your closet serves as the wardrobe you can use a flat sheet as it will gives you more privacy because you will be able to close the whole access. Most of the time the material used in the sheets is high grade and quality; the variety of color and pattern are also limitless. You can hang it by using a grommet gun and grommets at the top of the sheets then you can use a hook, any type of hooks available, to hang it on the closet access.

And if your closes functions as something else that you won’t need as much privacy as your wardrobe, like a reading room or study room, you can use a beaded curtain. It allows you to play with your creativity to create a beaded curtain; the materials that you need to create are also simple: strings and beads. Using a beaded curtain also gives you a sense of relax, so you will be able to refresh your mind when you are stress with the work you have.

Closet Curtains for teenage room

Furthermore, another important thing when you choose a curtain for your closet is that you have to measure first the dimension of the access to closet, the height and the wide. Also be careful when you are picking the colors, as color is very sensitive to our moods and to the design for the closet itself.



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