25 Best Christmas Mantel Ideas

Joy christmas mantel ideas

When the Christmas season comes, a fireplace mantel often becomes the focal point of the interior decoration.

But before you begin to implement any decoration ideas, it would be best to have your mantel cleaned and refinished. Once your mantel is all set, you can go ahead and start decorating.

Refer to the following ideas to help make your mantel look more festive this Christmas season:

Awesome christmas mantel ideas

Believe christmas mantel ideas

Think of a theme to use in decorating your mantel. This theme should also apply with the rest of the decors in your living room.

Best christmas mantel ideas

Christmas mantel design

Once you have a theme, it should be easy to proceed with your decoration. Among the most popular Christmas mantel decorations consist of the colors red and green. Adding a pop of gold can also make the mantel to stand out!

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Christmas mantel ideas for living room

You can also opt for a natural theme. With this theme, you can play with the many elements of nature, such as conifers, leaves, fruits and real flowers!

Christmas mantel ideas for white living room

Christmas mantel ideas in white theme

You can make your fireplace to sparkle with a glitter theme. Simply infuse various decorative elements that can illuminate and bring shimmer to the mantel! Colorful ornamental balls can also help to make the mantel to sparkle and shine!

Christmas mantel ideas with candle

Christmas mantel ideas with full lighting

Christmas mantel ideas with varied flowers

Christmas mantel ideas

Red and green balls can also make for a perfect Christmas decor! Adorn the mantel with two small Christmas trees to make it look even more festive!

Colorful christmas mantel ideas

Further add a few ornamental balls in bright colors. Don’t forget to hang string lights that can make your mantel to sparkle beautifully at night!

Christmas mantel decorating ideas

On top of the Christmas elements, add other decorative elements such as green ribbons, laces and artificial plants. Christmas candles can also help to make your mantel look even more enchanting especially when lit at night.

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Joy christmas mantel ideas

Minimalist christmas mantel ideas

Place a well-decorated Christmas tree beside the mantel. You can also decorate with other finishing pieces such as a plain white chair with red pillow, cream-colored stockings and a perfectly shaped Christmas garland!

Simple christmas mantel ideas

Snowflakes christmas mantel ideas

Stylish christmas mantel ideas

As mentioned above, you should think of a color theme when decorating your mantel. Instead of randomly decorating your fireplace with any Christmas decor you can think of, consider sticking with a theme.

You can choose to have a white Christmas decor but infuse some color in the form of a green garland and red ribbons so as not to make your mantel look dull and lifeless.

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White christmas mantel ideas

Winter christmas mantel ideas

Make sure you choose the accessories and decor pieces in accordance to the theme that you have decided. Think of each and every prominent item in your living room. They should also be decorated in such a way that they will complement with the look of your mantel.

Woodland christmas mantel ideas

Black and white christmas mantel

With these Christmas mantel ideas, you should be able to get started with decorating the fireplace mantel in your living room. You do not need to spend a lot of money. Recycle old Christmas decors and combine with some newly bought ones!