The Greatest Design Interior of Michael Jackson House

Michael Jackson house, that’s one of best issue nowadays. After he died in June 25, 2009 at Los Angeles, there a lot of rumors about this home. As we know that Michael Jackson has been take a lot of medicine, which make him over dose and pass away in his room. There comes a lot of news, that many people has been see that Michael Jackson walk away around his house (after he die).

That’s so scary of course, but that’s increase the popularity of this home. Actually this home has itself beauty, the decorating is so luxury. Comes with classical concept with high class furniture quality and model, make this house looks so amazing. If we look outside or around Neverland area, here we will see how much fresh area of it.

This home has been build in the middle of green area, around it we see a lot of green plants which make it look natural and fresh.

As we are entering this place, we will found medium size fountain with classical concept. That’s look more luxury and perfect with best golden lighting concept.

As we enter inside, there will be wide hall room with creamy color which can increase the classical value of it. That’s so matching with the floor style, which is come with wooden material.

The next is the dining room which is so ethnic, this come with warm fireplace in the corner of dining place. The furniture totally comes with wooden material with best engraving work.

There are has a family room, with same classical concept with golden brown as the dominant color. There have two different sofa materials, one comes with leather and other come with synthetic fabric. He has place 2 size of table in there, for the leather sofa he prefers to choose a small table.

Here is special room of Michael Jackson house, one of wide cinema which comes with classical European model. Comes with golden brown and maroon combination theme colors, make it looks so luxury. How he designing this cinema room make us understand that how much he like to spend times there, as much luxury and comfortable.