Exclusive living room ceiling lighting ideas

Living room ceiling lighting is essential for every home decoration project. Indoor lighting reflects different moods, feelings, shades and your way of living. You can change the appearance of your room by creating the special magic with exclusive living room ceiling lighting.

Smart Apartment living room design

Living in an apartment is a challenge most of us, we always thinks that it is too small for the families to live in and it will never looks tidy because it only has limited space for storage. However, we have a solution for your apartment living room design in order to make it seems […]

Living Room Curtains Ideas

The curtains are one of the details that are crucial in a room, such like bedroom, kitchen or living room. They are one of the decors which will affect your room atmosphere to become warm and pleasant. A curtain can also be a great dressing to update your living room which will revitalize the furniture […]

20 Stylish and Cozy Living Rooms

You just buy a house or you want to renovate your living room? For sure, you want to have a stylish living room which giving an extra comfort. Well, here is the correct place you. I would like to share 20 stylish and cozy living rooms, which so inspiring.

Christopher Guy Living Room Ideas

Get confused how to design a living room that matches with your house concept? Well, not need to get confused anymore, here I want to share a brilliant idea about Christopher Guy Living Room. That doesn’t mean that Christopher Guy has a handbook or sharing their idea for you, but here I want to share […]

Rugs for Living Rooms “Choose the Best One”

“Area Rugs” is a carpet or rug with big size. The function is grouping some furniture into one area. The rug is also an ideal divider for an open area. This is the reason that we find many people using rugs for living rooms. Besides, the rug also can be an object of interest for […]

Living Room Colors Ideas

To decide whether our home is attractive or not, one of the main factors is from the color. You realize it or not, sometimes our home looks elegant because of its great color even though the design is very simple. The expert says that the color of the home should represent your characteristic.

Living Room Sets for Awesome Look

Living room sets is one of the main “attractions” for our living area. Many people give special attention and concern on the area. The living room generally is designed differently than other area as it can represent your personality. This is the reason sometimes we find that someone make the living place size bigger than […]

Living Room Paint Ideas with the Proper Color

Absolutely, you are the house owner and you are totally has the full right to decide the color of your home colors. However, many people or house owner will argue a lot to decide what color of their living room will be. So, how to choose the proper color for your living room? This article […]

Apartment Living Room Ideas

The first impression of an apartment is limited space and fixed design. The impression is can be understood as mostly apartment is not like an ordinary house. That is why many people facing problem when arranging their area especially for the living room.