20 Modern Table Lamps Ideas That Looks Cool

Lamps are the unsung hero of design. They can be the one single item that will pull a design together. And luckily for us, there are so many to choose from! Here are 20 modern table lamps ideas that look cool.

The Usage of Floating Shelves In Your Home

Are you stuck in setting a wide range of books? Don’t destroy your precious treasure by putting it here and there. Shortage of space is not the matter of fact now. Let’s discover the wonderful ways of storing and home decor.

Pendant Lighting Brighten Up Your Room

Do you ever wonder how you should brighten up your living space by using some new fancy lights? Have you heard of the new and hip pendant lighting? These lights can brighten up your living room, bedroom, dining room or your kitchen!

How to Give a Modern Look to Your Gallery Wall

It is an interesting art to decorate your gallery wall. The beautiful display of photos and objects is the sign of your creativity. There are many designing options and styles for arranging a gallery wall. How to hang the stylish gallery wall? Here it is!

Creative Upcycling Ideas

If you are looking for creative upcycling ideas, this article is for you. There are some ways in which you can transform the obsolete items in the house to beautiful and useful objects. These upcycling ideas, look amazing and give a contemporary look to any place.

Minimalist Curtain Poles Idea

Curtain, like everybody know, is one of home decoration to liven up the area like living room, bedroom or any other areas. Even so, curtain only is not enough. What we need is curtain poles.

Best Fragrance for Home

Today, fragrance for home has special attention by many people and become a market demand at any places. We can see the reality by counting how many products are sold and how many stores are selling the products.

Over Door Shoe Racks The Efficient Storage

Over door shoe racks are the best solutions for the efficient shoe storage. Over door shoe racks can fit into the back of the door by associating with hooks. Over door shoe racks are available in different sizes, depending on the choice of the owner. There are different types of over door shoe racks design […]

Smoke Detector for Home Safety

There are smoke detectors installed in the houses and its positioning is important for making it as the life saving device. Anything wrong during installation can be harmful and can even delay the response for smoking and prevent the alarm from sounding.

Cushion Covers for The Perfect Home Accessories

Everyone would want to have the best design for their homes, ranging from unique decorations concept, to the suitable accessories. Cushion or pad is one of home accessory that has important role and varied advantages. Not only beautify the room or our sofa set, it also can provide extra comfort for us.