Modern Freestanding Bathtubs

Since 2013, modern freestanding bathtubs have been becoming a new trend and popular among homeowners. They shift from regular bathtub or built-in tub to freestanding bathtubs as well as walk-in shower instead. It is very interesting to know and discuss why people start opting freestanding bathtub, and here we go.

Most Desirable Bathroom Ornaments

Invite more pleasure in your bathroom with bathroom ornaments. Indeed, bathroom needs some artistic touch to liven up the area. It should not only be as what it is.

Creative Bathroom Mirrors Ideas

Sometimes a bathroom mirror is being considered as something that is not vital. Most of us doesn’t realize why do they need a mirror in the bathroom while they’re being attached to it every time they go there. For example: when they brush their teeth, comb their hair they will need to look at the […]

Stainless Steel Bath Accessories

Stainless steel generally has good points to be used for making many goods like furniture, households and kitchen’s utensils and even for bath accessories.

10 Most Desirable Bath Accessories

Taking bath or shower is not only clean our body with soap and water. You may do so in one condition that you maybe in hurry or else, your activity are not perfect. To be completely refreshing our body and to make it perfectly clean and healthy, we need bath accessories.

Bathroom Remodel Let’s Bring New Atmosphere

Bathroom is not only for taking bath but sometimes for only washing our face or tooth-brushing. Bathroom is also one from many rooms in our house that need certain budget either to build new one or renovation.

Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Living in apartment becomes a common option today. Now, to find or to build a big house or a standard size is little bit difficult especially in the city. In case you can get one, then the price will be very expensive.

Most Desirable Bathtub Ideas

Bathtub can complement a bathroom style as the present of the bathtub can create a big contrast in bathroom remodeling. Especially, today, there are many variants of them are including the models, sizes, materials and the technology equipped for the bathtub.

Bathroom Tiles with Proper Selection

Besides planning for bathroom design, one of the important things we have to consider is selecting the proper tile for the room. When choosing the bathroom tiles we have to make sure about the details and theme. There are many types of bathroom tiles and we are going to discuss what the proper tile to […]

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Today, designing a minimalist bathroom is not only for those who has small home but also it becomes everyone’s favorite design as the style will be very sleek and simple.The other reason to have a minimalist bathroom is the budget. It uses low budget but yet looks stylish, elegance and modern.