Ideas to create a perfect Maroon Bedroom

Maroon and grey bedroom

When it comes to complex colors like this maroon, dark brownish red color, one can expect it’s not easy at all to use it while decorating, especially for your bedroom. But it’s not more than a myth! Such a noble shade as maroon is perfect for different interior styles, from classics to bohemian and art Deco, and it can add a chic fleur to every space. So just watch out some of the maroon bedroom ideas that will help to create the right interior.

Maroon color psychology

Maroon bedroom wallIt’s not a surprise that each color has its own meaning and influence. So it’s better to know more about the particular shade before choosing it for interior decoration. As for maroon (by the way, it takes its name from the French word marron, which means chestnut), it’s considered as a dramatic color, a color of passion. It’s warm and strong, able to awake hidden thoughts and feelings. And it can be so different in its shades and moods! So we answer a firm “yes” to a maroon bedroom.

Maroon and white bedroom

Maroon and white bedroomMaroon bedroom color schemes are pretty various. The first and easiest way to pacify the power of maroon is to mix it with white. Deep red can be used in furniture, textile or paint color for walls, becoming a strong accent against the background of clear and calm white. In result, your bedroom space appears to be interesting, but not overloaded with color. Balance is the key!

Maroon and grey bedroom

Maroon and grey bedroomThe effect of gray color in interior reminds what white does, especially its lighter shades. But darker grey in a maroon bedroom decor, adds a bit of drama and mystery. It works even better when a maroon plays the main role. So if you dream of a personal space that looks sophisticated but modern, try this color combination.

Total Maroon look

Maroon as the main color in bedroom decoration is certainly a choice for the bravest. It’s not as crazy as it may seem at first. Instead, this shade is, probably, the most powerful in creating chic, impressive interiors with eastern vibes.Great Maroon Bedroom Decoration

For example, maroon color ideally suits both minimalist Japanese style and rich Arabian (for the second add some gold details, various patterns and try your imagination in mixing textiles). So if you are a fan of exotic, go for it.

Maroon in textiles

Maroon bedroom beddig setMaroon bedroom walls are amazing, but this shade also looks extremely beautiful in bedroom textiles. This may become the right choice for those who are afraid of too bright spaces. Then narrow maroon’s influence to details: curtains, carpets, bedclothes, chair covers or pillow fabrics. So it will work right, adding some life, warmth and cheerfulness to your bedroom space.

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