Modern Freestanding Bathtubs

Since 2013, modern freestanding bathtubs have been becoming a new trend and popular among homeowners. They shift from regular bathtub or built-in tub to freestanding bathtubs as well as walk-in shower instead.

It is very interesting to know and discuss why people start opting freestanding bathtub, and here we and white freestanding bathtubs

The advantages of modern free standing bathtub

It should be a good reason for many people when they decide to replace their old or ordinary bathtub into freestanding bathtubs. The most obvious reason is the design. Compared to the ordinary one, modern freestanding bathtubs more elegant and sophisticated. You will feel that you are in spa.

Regardless the materials, generally are the same like bathtub’s materials, freestanding bathtub is not attached with wall. So, it can be placed anywhere you like. That’s all? Wait, it has legs. You may be very excited as you can change your bathroom tile to wood. In addition, freestanding bathtubs gives you freedom to remodel your bathroom easier than ever.classical freestanding bathtubs idea

I do believe that now you already start your car engine to get one in the store. I tell you what, wait for few more discussion pals.

What should you do if you are at the store and looking for a free standing bathtub?

  • The dimension. Check and make sure the space you have against the freestanding bathtub dimension. In addition check about the installation options it may have. You need to plan for an installation. You can consult with the plumber there.freestanding bathtubs on oval shape
  • Ask many questions about the advantages and disadvantages about the freestanding bathtubs material. Make sure that the floor you have can carry the load too. Besides, different materials need different way of treatment.
  • The quality is before everything. Don’t waste your time and money to buy your freestanding bathtubs again as the previous one was bad quality. Price is number two or the last think to consider.

Finally, freestanding bathtub is still allowing you to have a walk-in shower. It is usually paired with the freestanding tubs. So, you can still use a shower. A walk-in shower, however, needs bigger space. If your area is not big enough, then a shower head can be attached instead.

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