Bathroom Tiles with Proper Selection

Besides planning for bathroom design, one of the important things we have to consider is selecting the proper tile for the room. When choosing the bathroom tiles we have to make sure about the details and theme.

There are many types of bathroom tiles and we are going to discuss what the proper tile to be placed in there.

Concrete Floor

Concrete floor can be used as the floor material. It has longer life-span and waterproof (has good durability). Concrete floor has many colors and designs that create a beautiful decoration for the restroom.

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Most people prefer to choose ceramic for their bathroom tiles. Ceramic is the best option for the bath’s floor. However, not all kind of ceramic we can use as bathroom tiles. There are certain considerations when selecting the ceramic for our room:

  • The proper ceramic tile will be depending on the type of the room. We must consider the safety profile of the type of ceramic we are going to use. The ceramic must be suitable for all conditions, wet or dry. The best type of ceramic for it is the one which has texture on it or it must has anti-slip feature.Stylish ceramic tiles design
  • The glossy type of ceramic is suitable for bath’s wall. It will make your place easy to be cleaned and it can avoid fungus.
  • Choosing the ceramic design will affect the final result of the bath theme and style. You have many decorative ceramic tiles out there and select one that suit with the design concept.
  • Another thing we must consider is its layout harmony. The size of the tile will affect the size of the room.

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Vinyl is another option to be used as Bathroom tiles. The material – by far – is cheaper from other bathroom tiles. However, Vinyl flooring is only dedicated for a Do-It-Yourself project. You can design the bathroom tiles on your own.Vinyl bathroom tiles

Laminated Tile

Laminated tile is one of bathroom tile options that available in various types of material such as oak, pine, Tuscan stone, travertine and slate. By applying laminated tile, it makes the bathroom looking more natural.most luxury Bathroom Tiles


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