Apartment Bathroom Ideas

contemporary Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Living in apartment becomes a common option today. Now, to find or to build a big house or a standard size is little bit difficult especially in the city. In case you can get one, then the price will be very expensive.

In some big cities, since it has no more enough space due high population, then the only option to go is only living at apartment. However, with all its limitation, we must try to overcome the apartment syndrome which is limited and fixed area to have a decent apartment life. We must be smart enough to put a magic in our apartment so that you and the one living with you will feel comfortable.

natural Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Living in apartment becomes style nowadays for some big cities. Even though you cannot do anything like expanding the area, it doesn’t mean that you cannot design the room arrangement especially for some important area like bathroom. It is true that there are many luxurious apartments out there, but you must be ready to pay the unbelievable price.

What we are going to discuss now is not about the “million” dollar apartment but a normal or standard one. In particular, it is about the apartment bathroom ideas. If you are in a budget, still you can do your magic for your apartment bathroom ideas to be more convenient. Just follow the tricks:

Apartment Bathroom lighting ideas

  • Try to divide the apartment bathroom ideas into 2 parts, dry and wet areas. The best and the most durable one is glass divider. Although you can still use other divider, but glass will not give “cramped” effect to your bathroom space.
  •  To create a spacious effect, use ceramic with bright color for the wall and make a vertical accent to make your apartment bathroom ideas looks higher and big.
  •  For bathroom flooring, select a good material for the shower area and make sure it has a good drainage so that your foot will not be too wet while walking on the dry area.
  •  Add some ornaments in your bathroom. You can create a natural atmosphere to looks fresher.

contemporary Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Apartment Bathroom Ideas with fresh colors

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Apartment Bathroom Ideas

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Apartment Bathroom Ideas with white furniture

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