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    Best Bedroom Ideas

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Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom is one of important place at your home, isn’t it? There is the place where we spent almost your time, relaxing your mind and there we need a comfortable feels.
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Modern Houses Concept

Modern Houses Concept

We can create a modern house concept through few easy ways, for example from the material which we place there, decorating concept, and furniture etc.
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Get Your Dreams Kitchen

Get Your Dreams Kitchen

As we know that every women are usually doing their activity in the kitchen, and most of them dreams that their kitchen can be designed by themselves.
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Michael Jordan House

Michael Jordan House

Michael Jordan house is the hottest news today, as we know that Michael Jordan is a former American professional basketball player. Here we share Michael Jordan House Concept.
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Minimalist House Decorating

minimalist house ideas

Minimalist house decoration is very popular concept and loved by many people since the last few years. From the survey result, eight out of ten people like minimalist home concept and one of them is absolutely me. Why I have made this decorating concept as my favorite? Read More

Stairs Design with Stylish Model

stairs with unique quote

Stairs is one of most important parts of our home, also it has several advantages to place at our home. That can increase the space at our house, because with it we can create new Read More

Outdoor Furniture 2014 Concept

Unique white Outdoor furniture

Furniture is not only can designed inside your home, but it also outdoor your home too. Most of people which designed their home in front of the breathtaking view like beach and also mountain, most of people like to design their outside Read More

Wooden Furniture Best Material Ever

Modern Wooden furniture ideas

Wooden furniture material became as famous equipment around the world. With wood human can redesigned that again became as many things which that every human needed to use that like: home furniture, designed home which that primary Read More

Wardrobe Classical to Modern Era of Furniture

elegant white Wardrobe

Wardrobe is similar words with cupboards and also drawers which that function of that is for saving the cloth and other thing which is became private for you. Actually that kind became famous in classical era, the queen and the king are usually used that with saving their clothes. Read More

Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room with best colors combination

Do you have a small living room? Do not worry about it, because we are able to provide the best design to make it convenient and widely visible. Some people getting problem while they decorate their small space area, so what is the best concept of small living room ideas?

First of all you need to calculate the space area you have, after it you may decide the suitable concept for your small living room. About the theme concept, it would be better to apply minimalist concept at your small living room. You need to do an extra work to consider the equipment which should be place in there.

classical Small Living Room

Small living room ideas can be achieved with varied concepts, even the area is less there not mean has a narrow concept of decoration. After you done about the concept of it, you may decide the equipment to be place there.

About the theme color of small living room area, it would be better to place bright colors such as white, creamy, soft pink, and other soft bright colors. Bright color can bring widely visible and convenient effect at your narrow area.

Small Living Room Furniture

For limited space area, you should know how to sort out the most important stuff that will be placed in your small living room. You may place minor to medium size of sofa with the matching table concept, end table and console table.

Small Living Room decorating

The furniture placement plays an important role to create the best small living room decorating. For huge size of furniture such as sofa set, you need to place it in the corner of it. That can create a wide look for your small living room.

If you place a console table, you can match it with minimalist square mirror. Mirror placement can give you double benefits, first is increase the console table’s beauty and the second it can create wide effect at your small living room.

Small Living Room Lighting

Lighting holds an important role in each of decorating. Living room lighting determined by the theme color you use, for example you have white theme color (off white wall painting), it would be better to place golden color of lighting. If in there you place white color, it will give a bad influence on whole concept you have. You should know how to get best color fusion between the theme and lighting that you use.

modern Small Living Room ideas

If you paint your wall with some variation colors or wallpaper such as soft pink, it would be better to use white light color. Down light can be a good option to place at narrow space area. Place four down light in each corner of roof and in the middle of them you can place a decorative lamp.

Small Living Room with soft blue color

Small Living Room with fresh concept

Small Living Room with best colors combination

Small Living Room sofa

Small Home Design Ideas

small home design with classical style

Small home design is certainly very necessary for you who have small space area. Has a narrow land does not mean we cannot explore or add the best touch in there. Small home design is a house that has limited space, but we can develop various concepts inside it.

small home design with simple model

Modern Small Home Design

For sure almost people prefer for this concept, because that is most popular concept nowadays. How to create a modern small home design? A modern atmosphere can be build with various step, the first is room theme. Theme itself is related with wall painting, furniture, and the placement of home’s equipment. Modern small home design has more varied color theme than another concept. But for a small area of house, there would be better to choose light color such as white, yellow, light green and soft pink.

small home design with unique shape

The second is furniture, to make a modern small home design the furniture should be come with the latest model. Modern furniture itself comes with simpler model than classic or Italian style, here you will not found engraving work on modern furniture.

The third is placement of house’s equipment. As we know that the space area of our house is less and limited, so we need the best calculation to place it. First thing you need to keep in mind that don’t place many equipments in there, place the importance equipment only in there.

small home design ideas

Try to place the primary furniture (which almost has huge size) such as sofa, bedroom and cupboard in the corner of the room, except the dining table. While you place furniture and equipment in the corner of room, it will create a broad view in your room.

Classical Small Home Design

Actually classic style more suitable to apply in wide space area, but that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t arrange classical small home design. Well, the tips and step is near about same with modern small home design, it just has a bit difference.
About the wall painting, classical house almost use white, creamy, gold and soft brown colors. Those all colors are suitable to place in small area, because they can create wide look in our house. You just need to calculate the perfect color combination for it, such as do mixing between creamy and golden color for your classical small home design.

modern small home design

About the furniture, you may choose the classic furniture concept. Engraving work is play important role in there. Same as the tips above, that don’t place much equipment there and place primary furniture in the corner.
So did you like any of these small home design concepts? Or maybe you have your own concept to arrange a small home design, let’s share with us and get start to make it come true.

small home design with best lighting

small home design with classical style

green small home design

small home design with glass material

Mini bar for Home Decorating

Mini bar with wooden material

Mini bar is small thing which it can you save the private snack and also beverage, and that is often found in upscale of western style in hotel room. A mini bar is made from counter and small refrigerator which is stocked with a precise inventory Read More

Sideboard Furniture with Varied Design

modern sideboard ideas

Actually sideboard is traditionally furniture which is used to serving food in dining room, most of people is usually used that and for serving that such a silver and also storage. And that also consist of set of cabinets, or Read More

Smart Bedroom Decorating Ideas

stylish Smart Bedroom ideas

Today most of people are choose smart bedroom to make their bed room huger rather than big and classical bed. The concept of that is more small but huge and it can be slept by two person, with designing their room to make them Read More