20 Marvelous Industrial Kitchen Design That Will Make You Fall in Love

Industrial kitchen design

Industrial kitchen is becoming quite a trend in kitchen interior design these days. More and more homeowners would opt for the industrial design when remodeling or building a new kitchen. This is because this design is not only practical and robust but beautiful and eclectic as well.

Neat and Organized Small Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen island for small kitchen ideas

If your kitchen is no larger than your bedroom closet, then these small kitchen ideas can serve as your inspiration. As you know, the kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It’s where we spend a lot of our time, preparing and cooking delicious meals for our loved ones.

25 Most Stylish Pinboard Ideas

Pinboard ideas for kidsroom

There are lots of stylish pinboard ideas that you can incorporate into your pinboard. These pinboards are great reminders of some of our life’s most significant and memorable moments. Looking at the board, you will be reminded of how beautiful life is, which gives us the motivation to go on with life no matter what the circumstances are.

Stylish and Inspiring Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Elegant bedroom wall decor

When decorating your bedroom, the bedroom wall decor must be given utmost importance. It is the walls that set the mood of the space. By coming up with a stylish decor on your wall, you can create a sense of harmony in your bedroom space.

The Curious Cube House Design

Minimalist cube house design

The cube house design is inspired by the cube houses in Rotterdam designed by a famous Dutch architect, Piet Blom. In this unique residential development, houses are shaped like cubes and are tilted at 45-degrees.

Coming Up with Row House Interior Design

Contemporary row house interior design

Coming up with row house interior designs may not be that easy since a row house is not like your average house. These houses are known for their long sizes and shapes. But the best thing about this type of house is that you’ll have a high ceiling, which makes for an interesting interior design.

The New Trend of Japandi Interior Design

Japandi interior design

Recently, the Japandi interior design is getting quite a buzz in the world of interior design. Japandi refers to the combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, a new design trend that’s fast gaining popularity.

30 Ideas of Bay Window

Furniture storage for bay window

Installing a bay window is one of the most versatile home upgrades you can make for your home. Although some people would see these windows as traditional and outdated, they actually offer several benefits. Thus, they are worth considering whether you are building a new home or in the process of remodeling.

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